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Nooie Launches All-In-One Doorbell Cam

Features wire-free installation and 2K video resolution with night vision and human detection algorithms.

Nooie, a global manufacturer of smart home cameras, has announced the release of its new Doorbell Camera and Base Station with Chime ($149). The 5G-capable Doorbell cam packs advanced motion detection, 2K resolution with wide angle view, 2-way audio, and more. It is also Alexa and Google Home enabled. The Doorbell Cam adds to Nooie’s family of smart home products including security cams, smart plugs, power strips, and bulbs.  The Doorbell Cam with Base Station is available from Nooie’s website and also Amazon.

Nooie Doorbell

The Nooie Cam Doorbell with Base Station is battery powered with a 10,000mAh battery for wire-free installation and extended use. The Base Station enables a chime feature while also extending the connectivity range by being a Wi-Fi extender for the system. The Nooie App, where you can manage all Nooie devices, allows for 2-way audio and pre-recorded messages, customizable sensitivity settings, and the ability to record video or take pics directly to your mobile device.

Doorbell Cam main features include:

  • 2K video resolution with night vision (2K video contains 2x the pixels of 1080p resolution)
  • 158-degree field of view
  • Night vision up to 49 feet
  • Advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors, and human detection algorithms for accurate motion alerts.
  • Monitor visitors and interact with guests remotely, either live or through pre-recorded messages.

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