TiO Releases TiO Connect Integration Platform

TiO Home App Available as Free Download from Apple and Google Play
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Anuva Automation, the Florida-based manufacturer of TiO (Turn it On) brand automation products, has released version 2.1 of TiO, the first release to support TiO Connect, the platform for communicating with systems and devices outside the TiO ecosystem. 

Coinciding with the release of TiO 2.1 are new versions of the TiO Home App, now available as free downloads on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

TiO Connect integrates all systems in a home into a single app, the first step in creating the Internet of Home, where a single app controls everything. TiO Connect is a foundation for all future third-party integration, adding two hardware devices to the TiO product line, the TCIP and the TCWiFi. Showcasing TiO’s ‘keep it simple’ approach, these devices have the same feature set, with the difference being a wired or wireless connection to TiO’s Master Coordinator. 

The first supported subsystem is security, and TiO comes out of the gate with drivers for Vista/Ademco and DSC with more panels to be added regularly. The TiO Connect interface populates on the Elements list in the TiO Pro App, then the panel model is selected from a pull-down menu. Complete control of a security system through TiO is accomplished in only a few minutes. 

“Our ongoing investment in TiO development shows our commitment to our dealers and end-users," said Vinu Patel, CEO of Anuva Automation. "It has been our key goal to ensure TiO continues to hit the mark. TiO Connect serves as a platform for new innovation and capabilities that TiO will unveil in the near future. TiO continues to provide users with the tools they need to control their environment with convenience and ease.”

The TiO application enables users to generate unique audio, lighting and multimedia environments in every room of their home with a touch of a button on their preferred smart mobile device and/or tablet. TiO plans to expand TiO Connect capabilities to include control of home theater equipment, cameras, garage doors, gates, fireplaces, and more.