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Tributaries Revamps HEC Line of HDMI Cables

Tributaries has revamped its HEC line of HDMI cables with improved cable constructions to provide high-performance high-speed HDMI.

Tributaries has revamped its HEC line of HDMI cables with improved cable constructions to provide high-performance high-speed HDMI.

New additions to the line include the IHEC cable for long distance runs and HX102, patent pending, dongle-style extender, available separately or together as part of the IHEC-X kit.

All HEC HDMI cables benefit from new conductors, connector shielding, stronger connectors, and thicker gold plating on the contacts, while the Series 6, 8 and new IHEC receive the added advantage of Full Body Armor, a protective covering for the connector circuit.

Remaining from the previous design are the popular shorter connectors, making tight space placements easier as well as the BOSS elements (raised bumps on the connector) which help the connector fit tight into its receptacle, and help maintain equal pressure in the receptacle to keep the connector from shifting around. The lack of lateral movement keeps the Hot Plug Detect from being disconnected.

Features of the new IHEC (MSRP: $400 – $1,250)
* Certified to support Ethernet, 3D, 4K(24Hz) and ARC
* All conductors are solid 24AWG cable ensure accurate long length signal transfer
* 2.5 percent silver-plated HC-OFC wire provides superior digital performance
* UL CL2 jackets for in wall use
* 15 microns gold-plating on contacts
* Under zinc die-cast connectors the circuit is protected by Full Body Armor and heavy copper foil shielding

Features of the new IHEC-X Kit (MSRP: $735 – $1,385)
* Kit contains long length IHEC and HX102 cable extender
* Extends 12-bit/color 1080p up to 98 feet using 24AWG HDMI cable
* Extends 8-bit/color 1080i up to 130 feet using 24AWG HDMI cable
* Unit is connected after long run
* Includes 5 VDC/1A USB power supply with USB/AC power cable

“Reliable HMDI over long distances continues to challenge installers and Tributaries is committed to providing our dealers with the viable solution as the technology evolves,” said Joe Perfito, president of Tributaries. “We determined that a multi-level cable approach was no longer feasible, therefore we designed one cable, the IHEC, to go the distance. By doing so, we had to increase the gauge size but kept the electronics separate. The HX102 allows us to add electronics at the end of the long run between the cable and TV. The a major benefit of this design is in the case of an electronics failure, it’s an easy swap to replace without having to pull the long run of cable from the wall.”

All HEC HDMI cables are designed, tested and packaged at Tributaries’ factory in Orlando, FL.