Sunfire Introduces Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit

By RS Staff July 22,2011

Sunfire has introduced its new Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit.  
sunfire wireless
The Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit.

Comprised of a receiver and transmitter, the Kit is compatible with any third-party manufacturer’s powered subwoofer, and eliminates new wires.  

“Every Sunfire subwoofer, from entry-level to top-of-the-line models, gains value and becomes an enhanced product when paired with the Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit,” said Mark Weisenberg, general manager of Sunfire. “It gives dealers one more reason to recommend Sunfire subwoofers to every customer.”

Available immediately for a suggested retail price of $80 each, the SDSWITX Wireless Transmitter and SDSWIRX Wireless Receiver allows consumers to place a subwoofer near any electrical outlet, up to 25 feet from the audio source, enabling them to find the optimal placement in most rooms. For even more bass punch and fidelity, one transmitter can support two receivers for two separate subwoofers. And with digital signal transmission, the audio signal is reproduced with 100 percent accuracy, according to the company.


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