Pakedge to Celebrate 10th Anniversary at CEDIA

September 2, 2014
Pakedge Device & Software is honoring its ten year anniversary with a major celebration at CEDIA Expo 2014. The network manufacturing company is hosting a celebration reception on Thursday, September 11, 2014 from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm at its CEDIA Expo booth (#820). Current and future Pakedge dealers, distributors, and manufacturer reps are welcome to visit the Pakedge CEDIA booth for food, beer, and fun.
 Pakedge partners stand in front of the company’s first office. From left to right: Dusan Jankov, Co-Founder; Victor Pak, CEO; Nick Phillips, Vice President of Sales.
The company has come a long way since its humble beginnings—back in 2003, Vic Pak (CEO) and Dusan Jankov (CTO) began designing networking products from a garage in Menlo Park, CA. Back then, the iPod was the hottest item on the market and the two men knew that audio-visual technology would soon dominate computer networks. This led them to realize that there was a hole in the AV industry. At the time, home networks were severely limited—audio and video required networks with a lot more bandwidth, throughput, and reliability then what an undersized all-in-one wireless router could provide. Pak and Dusan knew that the AV industry was badly in need of networks that were robust, seamless, and easy to install. With this realization, Pakedge was born.
The company’s first product was a wireless access point that could be installed in a ceiling and required a single Ethernet cable via PoE. This product, the WAPC-11G, was the first high-power wireless home networking project. Not only did it boast extraordinary coverage compared to other access points at the time, it was also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. While most access points in those days were designed purely for functionality and thus protruded hideously from their installation areas, the WAPC-11G offered a sleek design, flush fit, and blended right in with the ceiling. “Pakedge was the first company to do anything like the WAPC-11G, and custom installers absolutely embraced it,” said Pak.
Since then, Pakedge has evolved into a networking platform company, focused on the development of a carefully integrated system of switches, routers, wireless, power management and software technologies that are designed specifically to work with each other for seamless multimedia networking performance. Pakedge has become recognized as an industry leader, winning a variety of awards that include the prestigious CE Pro Brand Leader award for Home Networking in both 2013 and 2014.
The company was built around five core tenets – innovative technology, focus on quality, reseller success, premium support, and passion for AV. Pakedge credits much of its success to its dealers, distributors and manufacturers reps, as it is their hard work, partnership and loyalty that has propelled the company to its tenth year. The Pakedge ten year celebration reception is not so much a celebration of the company, as it is a celebration of its dealers, distributors and manufacturers reps, some of whom will be honored with a series of awards like Dealer of the Year, Most Innovative Dealer, and Coolest Project.
The ten year anniversary celebration will take place at booth #820. Attendees can also expect to see a video walkthrough, meet the founders and team, and learn more about the latest projects while enjoying food, drink and fun.

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