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New Tech Week: Tech Showcase — Residential Systems Best of Show Winners at CEDIA Expo 2023

Learn more about all of this year’s winning products.

New Tech Week 2023 - Sony - Logo

Residential Systems, TWICE, and What Hi-Fi? have announced the winners of their annual Best of Show awards at CEDIA Expo 2023. The products were nominated by the manufacturers and a team of judges — who are all professional integrators — was employed to read through the entries (a portion of which is presented here), visit them on the show floor, and rate the products on a number of criteria, including value, impact, and how unique they are to the market.

Residential Systems entries were judged through the lens of the residential integrator, while TWICE based theirs on a consumer electronics retail view and What Hi-Fi? from the home entertainment enthusiast perspective.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Click here to read the Best of Show Program Guide that features all nominees and all winners from all brands!

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Airzone Aidoo PRO Inverter:VRF Controller

Airzone Aidoo PRO Inverter/VRF Controller

Inverter/VRF HVAC units operate continuously, varying their output to maintain a constant temperature. This results in massive energy savings compared to traditional HVAC systems, which must ramp up to full speed when adjusting the temperature. When paired with a smart thermostat or home automation system, however, all an inverter unit’s promised energy savings disappear.

The Airzone Aidoo Pro is a system add-on that sits between the HVAC system and IoT control devices. Airzone has assembled an exclusive library of manufacturer-certified HVAC protocols such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and LG, enabling the Aidoo Pro to integrate HVAC inverter systems with device APIs from smart thermostats like ecobee, Honeywell, and Nest, as well as home automation platforms including Control4, Crestron, ELAN, Lutron, and Savant. The Aidoo Pro receives control data via API, interprets it, and then sends the appropriate commands to the inverter unit via manufacturer-certified protocol, providing two-way communication between devices, preserving all inverter features, and providing unparalleled levels of efficiency, energy savings, and comfort.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - AWOL Vision 150-inch 4K 3D RGB Laser Projector LTV-3500 Pro

AWOL Vision 150-inch 4K 3D RGB Laser Projector LTV-3500 Pro

The new LTV-3500 Pro triple-laser, ultra-short-throw projector from AWOL Vision is the first home entertainment projector to eliminate the age-old compromise between sharpness and contrast ratio. Featuring an extra-large F2.0 Ricoh lens, 3500 lumens of brightness, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and even Active 3D support, this projector sets a new industry standard for UST projector performance on screens up to 150 inches, and provides a 2.5x contrast ratio improvement over previous-generation projectors. Beyond its picture quality, it boasts an ultra-fast 8ms response time, while Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support enables an immersive, 3D home theater sound experience. Rounding out the home theater experience, the new LTV-3500 Pro projector features integration with Control4, URC, and most other major control systems.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Blackwire Designs Blacklight Design Tool

Blackwire Designs Blacklight Design Tool

Designing and specifying linear lighting is a difficult process that can be very prone to errors without the proper tools. The market is flooded with many different products, all with different features designers must account for — various AC or DC voltages, different watts per foot, and  special control requirements such as DMX. Blackwire’s new Blacklight Design Tool is the only comprehensive design software for linear LED lighting on the market that enables any dealer to visually design an entire linear lighting system with just a few clicks.

After importing a floorplan of the installation site, Blacklight allows dealers to simply draw out each fixture and then quickly and easily lay out, configure, price, and submit a purchase order for the custom lighting system design. Incredibly user-friendly, Blacklight calculates all the necessary equipment needed, from the tape LED strips, to the extrusions and lens covers, to the wiring, to the controls, all the way down to the mounting hardware and accessories. Further eliminating guesswork and limiting human error, the tool manages all the electrical calculations for wattage, tape length, voltage drop, gauge for supply wiring, power supply amounts, and load capacity for the connected control devices. The tool has built-in error correction to catch any mistakes. Once completed, Blacklight creates installation reports — including highly detailed, comprehensive breakdowns of each fixture and job-specific cut and length details and wiring information. A PDF export of the report can be automatically combined with manufacturer spec sheets for every product used on the job with one click.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Blustream IP300UHD and IP350UHD 4K Video Over IP Line

Blustream IP300UHD and IP350UHD 4K Video Over IP Line

The Blustream Dante-enabled IP350UHD transmitters and receivers are capable of transmitting 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 with HDR at 18 Gbps over a 1 Gb network. The transmitters and receivers leverage the new Blustream ACM210 control module to facilitate seamless control with all leading automation brands. Using lossless compression technology, Blustream Multicast delivers HDMI, IR, RS-232 and USB/KVM up to lengths of 100m over a single CAT cable.

The IP350UHD-TX and IP350UHD-RX can support both 4K60 4:4:4 video and Dante audio distribution on a single network. A second RJ45 connection allows for the Dante audio network interface to be segregated from the Video-over-IP network whenever required. They can be powered via PoE from the network switch or locally. The ACM210 was specifically designed to deliver faster processing power, while retaining backward compatibility with the existing Blustream IP50 and IP200 series.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Crestron Home OS 4

Crestron Home OS 4

Crestron Home OS 4 is the latest update to the powerful smart home platform. As the modern smart home becomes more complex, ease of use for the end user becomes paramount. Crestron Home OS 4 is the next step in the evolution of smart home control and integration, offering a completely intuitive interface for the client while speeding and simplifying installation and deployment for Crestron’s dealers. Crestron Home OS 4 features a better user experience that will be easily navigable by both new and previous owners of the Crestron Home platform.

The graphics, icons, and layout of the Crestron Home OS 4 have all been updated and refined to make the user experience much more fluid. Other upgrades and refinements bring more customization of room lists and views that allow homeowners to control various parts of their residence or monitor usage and other elements of their systems. Touch screens in Crestron Home OS 4 can now provide whole-home paging to make announcements to the entire household or a select group of rooms. The end-user schedule feature allows homeowners to schedule events and automate tasks without a call to the dealer.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Crestron Hozrion Keypads
Miniature tree of natural Chamaecyparis Obtusa Bonsai against a wall

Crestron Horizon Keypads and Dimmers

The next-generation Horizon keypads and dimmers from Crestron provide homeowners with even more features.

Well-designed keypads should be unobtrusive when not in use and completely intuitive when they are. That requires careful attention to everything from the ergonomics of the device to its ultimate fit and finish. These considerations set the course for the next-generation Horizon keypads and dimmers, which offer an elegant design with a distinctive tactile experience, improved configuration, and elevated customization options.

Deep functionality has been built into the backlighting of the keypads and dimmers, allowing the color temperature of the backlight to be adjusted. The new “dim-to-warm” theme uses the local ambient sensor to automatically set the button backlight based on the intensity of the room lighting. Advanced color control offers visual cues from a distance, making keypads another intuitive interface in the home.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - D-Tools Cloud

D-Tools Cloud

D-Tools Cloud is a robust, web-based solution tailored to streamline system integrators’ operations. It offers a wide range of features, from sales pipeline management and estimating to interactive system design presentations, change orders, procurement, project management, and service management. Recently, D-Tools Cloud has expanded to include service management capabilities. Users can now create and sell service plans, schedule service calls, and manage payment requests seamlessly within the platform.

D-Tools Cloud is a user-friendly, end-to-end solution, empowering seamless workflows that drive sales, boost profitability, and enhance productivity across all web-enabled devices. Some of the key features of the product are its integrated product library, CRM and sales opportunity management, its browser-based system design, project management capabilities, and purchasing. It now also includes service management with pre-designed service plans that can be integrated into proposals or offered independently.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - DEN SmartHome DEN SmartStrike

DEN SmartHome DEN SmartStrike

The DEN SmartStrike is the first invisible, wireless communication smart door strike on the market. This unique and simple solution is expertly milled and designed to fit in the door frame. Featuring a completely inconspicuous design, DEN SmartStrike users get all the benefits of a smart door lock without compromising the aesthetic design of the door. The DEN SmartStrike fills a hole in the current market providing users with the best of both the analog and smart home world.

Once installed, users can still use their traditional key to unlock their door or use the companion app (available for both iOS and Android), to easily, safely, and securely access their homes and businesses. Through the app, users can also create digital keys for family members, friends, and temporary guests.

One of the differentiating and convenient features of the DEN SmartStrike is that it’s wireless. Powered by batteries and integrated with Z-Wave technology, the energy usage is low and batteries will last an estimated two years before they need to be replaced. In addition, as a Z-Wave-enabled device, the DEN SmartStrike is compatible with the largest, most diverse smart home and security ecosystem available, with more than 4100 certified, interoperable devices.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Digital Projection HIGHlite Satellite MLS Reference

Digital Projection HIGHlite Satellite MLS Reference

The HIGHlite 4K UHD Reference Satellite MLS (Modular Laser System) from Digital Projection is a game-changer for the residential AV marketplace. By separating the projector head from the pure laser light engine, the HIGHlite Satellite MLS offers true installation flexibility from a projector chassis that’s significantly smaller and lighter than other premium 3-chip DLP projectors on the market.

One of the biggest differentiating features is the size of the HIGHlite Satellite MLS. It weighs just 42 pounds, compared to the 120 pounds of most other projectors and is 83 percent smaller than its original integrated design. This lightweight and compact footprint enables the HIGHlite Satellite MLS to go where other projectors can’t, fitting into small spaces and without infringing on the room design. The system can be installed faster and with less manpower, and in areas that would be too challenging to squeeze in a traditional projector. The HIGHlite Satellite MLS’s modular, compact and lightweight design compromises none of its visual performance, as the system produces near-REC2020 colorimetry and powerfully bright illumination up to 10,000 lumens.

The revolutionary modular design of the HIGHlite Satellite MLS enables the RGB laser illumination to be located apart from the projector, which prevents noise from interfering with the viewing experience, enables greater customization, and simplifies upgrades and maintenance. The projector head and light source are connected by robust and flexible fiber optic cables included with the system.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - DMF Lighting Luxury Enhanced iX Series

DMF Lighting Luxury Enhanced iX Series

DMF Lighting’s new enhanced iX product line includes the True Spectrum 98 CRI (Color Rendering Index) light modules for industry-leading color rendition and new premium trim selections (Raw Brass, Anodized Aluminum, and Anodized Bronze finishes), available in Flangeless, and Micro Flange options.

The highest color rendering in their category, new iX lighting modules with True Spectrum feature new LED chips that effectively display colors in their true vibrancy and richness as they appear under natural light. Accurate color representation is essential to enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space creating a pleasing ambiance and highlights the beauty of objects, products, and artwork.

The stunning trims are machined from solid blocks of aerospace grade 6061 – T6 aluminum, then bead blasted for an ideal surface structure that reduces glare and provides a smooth finish. Next, they are anodized with a clear satin finish or a rich bronze finish providing durability. Additional new trims are machined from solid brass 360 billet. The surface is then hand brushed to give a beautiful, finely textured raw brushed brass finish enhancing their beauty with age.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Draper At Home Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade

Draper At Home Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade

What do you do when you have an angled window that requires interior shading? The Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade is the innovative Draper at Home alternative to using a static fabric panel or a rectangular roller shade that overlaps the window. This solution can be sill-mounted in the window and handle angles up to 45 degrees in either direction.

The shade panel is kept under constant tension by tiny cables. Draper uses a .06-inch (1.5 mm) low-stretch, high fatigue cable with a polyester jacket. One end is attached to tensioned spring boxes and the other to a flexible hem bar. The flexible hem bar wraps around the roller along with the fabric, allowing complete retraction of the shade. Fabric tracking adjustment is built into the idler endcap. It’s a simple two-part process to adjust the tracking of the fabric panel so it always looks perfectly straight.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - DreamScreen ULTRAWEAVE STUDIO X1

DreamScreen UltraWeave Studio X1

The new Studio X1-series, DreamScreen’s eighth generation of screen fabrics, uses three layers in total, featuring a new refined primary woven layer with even higher density than ever before. This means the light-reflection as well as sharpness increases even further. The secondary knitted layer has also been updated and modified to reflect even more light while still remaining highly audio acoustically-transparent. Our final third black backing layer makes sure contrast remains the best possible while keeping reflections from speaker drivers and other items located behind the screen invisible for the viewer. All layers are perfectly factory bonded to make sure no distance between the various layers reduce the reflected sharpness. In addition to our unique combination of image- and audio-performance, we place a great emphasis on colour neutrality. Our screens are completely D65 neutral, maintaining as much light as possible from your projector after calibration.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800 4K PRO-UHD Ultra Short-Throw

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800 4K PRO-UHD Ultra Short-Throw 3-Chip 3LCD Smart Streaming Laser Projector

Epson engineered the EpiqVision Ultra LS800 Laser Projector to deliver stunning 4K HDR viewing experiences, even in well-lit rooms with natural ambient light. It is driven by true 3-chip 3LCD technology, 4K PRO-UHD and auto-contrast enhancement. Projecting images up to 150 inches, the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS800 displays a full 4000 lumens of color and white brightness for every frame. Its 4K PRO-UHD provides a new type of 4K experience for resolution enhancement, color, and image processing, and the ambient light sensor automatically optimizes the picture brightness according to the amount of environmental light, making it easy for anyone to enjoy watching content without needing to worry about complicated adjustments.

The projector’s ultra-short-throw laser design sits just a few inches from the wall for obstruction-free viewing and complements a variety of modern home décor. It also features multi-point picture adjustment as well as individually adaptable feet for quick and easy setup. The latest built-in Android TV interface and a simple-to-use remote – including voice search with built-in Google Assistant — makes it even easier to get your favorite streaming channels on the screen and its built-in 2.1-channel virtual surround system from Yamaha fills a room for immersive entertainment out of the box.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Ethereal 8 Meter Velox Passive HDMI Cable

Ethereal 8-Meter Velox Passive HDMI Cable

Ethereal’s EHV-HDUP8 is the first passive HDMI cable on the market to support speeds up to 48 Gbps at 8 meters. This cable is certified to 8K/48 Gbps bandwidth without requiring injected power within the cable. This represents a substantial upgrade in what a Non-Active, copper-based HDMI cable can accomplish. For the first time it is possible to support all of the resolutions and feature sets that are incorporated into the HDMI 2.1 specification in a long-distance passive HDMI cable.

Ethereal’s advanced engineering and design work in metallurgy, topology, dielectric, and shielding make these cables the best in their class. An innovative microwave RF design allows for up to 4 dB less insertion loss over long distances by establishing a near-linear response performance curve specifically for HDMI’s TMDS and FRL High Speed Signaling. There is no artificial speed cap from integrated electronics as in active cables that will limit the performance.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Furrion Aurora 2.1 Outdoor Soundbar Speaker

Furrion Aurora 2.1 Outdoor Soundbar Speaker with Wireless Subwoofer

The Furrion Aurora outdoor soundbar and subwoofer system makes an excellent companion to Furrion Aurora TVs. This Bluetooth soundbar delivers 130 watts of clear, high-definition audio and comes with an 8-inch subwoofer for added bass. The universal design makes this soundbar compatible with most TVs, and Furrion has included mounting brackets for easy setup.

The Furrion Aurora Bluetooth soundbar speaker and subwoofer system is designed for outdoor use, with an IP45-rated weatherproof housing that resists rain, snow, dust, insects, and humidity. The included remote control also features waterproof protection.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Furrion Aurora Sun 4K UHD LED Outdoor Smart TV

Furrion Aurora Sun 4K UHD LED Outdoor Smart TV with HDR10

The Furrion Aurora Sun 4K UHD LED outdoor smart TV is uniquely designed for the ultimate outside entertainment experience, featuring a weatherproof TV housing that protects the internal components and delivers IP54-rated protection. The screen delivers a stunningly clear picture at 1500-nit brightness and features HDR10 for a deep, rich contrast. It also features an XtremeShield IK08-rated impact-resistant screen to protect against scratches and collisions and is rated to withstand extreme operating temperatures from –24 to 122 degrees F (–31 to 50 degrees C), non-operating temperatures of –27 to 140 degrees F (–32 to 60 degrees C), and storage humidity of 10 to 90 percent.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Future Automation Unichannel

Future Automation Unichannel

UniChannel is a modular system to simplify the installation of hidden motorized shades . It combines a wooden carcass with extruded aluminum side trim profile to create a more flexible, installation-friendly, and cost-effective pocket shading system. Traditional pocket shade systems are typically formed entirely out of extruded aluminum, meaning installers need to construct a pocket inside the ceiling to attach the aluminum shell into. This process adds additional cost and time to projects. UniChannel eliminates the need for this costly aluminum channel by integrating it directly into the MDF carcass that contractors would already be building in the ceiling void. This lower-cost alternative simplifies the process of installing window shades inside a ceiling.

UniChannel is available in three sizes for single, dual-stacked, or dual-side-by-side shade installations. This gives you the option to combine multiple shade fabrics (such as sheer and dimout) inside a single pocket. All models feature plaster-over flanges to make it simple to create a neat pocket that blends seamlessly into your ceiling.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - HD Anywhere MHUB S 16+16x16 100A

HD Anywhere MHUB S 16+16×16 100A

The HD Anywhere MHUB “Mega Matrix,” is a stackable 16+16×16 AV Matrix that can be configured to reach 16/32/48/64/70 zones or more. The MHUB is so simple to install that any junior technician or inexperienced staff member can set up and deploy large networked AV systems. The ease of installation is further met with ease of use, as the new MHUB S supports Atmos downmixing, downscaling, and volume-controllable audio extraction from both source or output in a compact 3U frame.

Multiple MHUBs can be stacked in any configuration; building a 16×16, 16×32, or 16×64 system is no more difficult than setting up a single MHUB. Everything connected to an MHUB can be controlled via a single app and/or the new 44-button uControl Smart Remote.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - HD Anywhere uControl Smart Remote

HD Anywhere uControl Smart Remote

The HD Anywhere new uControl handheld remote control is designed and engineered to streamline deployment and control of AV systems. The 44-button uControl Smart Remote integrates easily with many leading brands of AV and smart home equipment to unify the control of AV, lighting, motorized blinds, and more. Scenes can be engaged at the touch of a single button, transforming any room into a comfortable, engaging entertainment environment. It pairs with a standalone zone processor for single-room control or with a stacked system for whole-house AV control. Programming customizable controls is quick and easy for integrators — accomplished in minutes via the companion uControl app. Navigation of the controls is a cinch for end-users, thanks to the remote’s ergonomic design and logical button layout.

The uControl Smart Remote utilizes both Wi-Fi and infrared technology to transmit commands for rock-solid reliability. The battery-powered remote activates instantly when picked up from its charging mat to conserve battery power. It maintains a charge for as long as a week, and charges via any wireless charging device or USB connection.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades

Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades

Hunter Douglas Aura Illuminated Shades define a new category of shading products — a three-in-one architectural and decorative shade that allows homeowners to merge natural and artificial lighting control. Aura Illuminated Shades feature a textured front shade; a room darkening liner; and ambient illumination. Aura’s innovative design incorporates fully programmable LED strips that are transparent when not in use and provide mood-enhancing illumination when lit, recreating the same soft-light-magic translucent window coverings have in the daylight. With Aura shades, homeowners can enjoy daylight on demand and gain complete control of their rooms’ ambiance — whether inviting a warm glow on a gloomy day or extending their daylight through energizing illumination. Aura can mimic daylight with artificial lighting and optimize natural light.

Aura shades utilize a parabolic reflector to spread the light and then shine it onto a specially designed reflective fabric liner that keeps the light bouncing around, all the way to the bottom of a 10-foot-high shade. Conversely, a diffuser at the top prevents hot spots close to the LEDs. The LED color temperature is highly customizable, ranging from 2200K to 6500K. Additionally, brightness can be precisely controlled from 0 to 100 percent. The result is a very close mimicry of actual daylight shining through a traditional fabric shade.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Just Add Power MaxColor 4K60 Series 2

Just Add Power MaxColor 4K60 Series 2

Just Add Power took the AV industry by storm with the MaxColor 4K60 Series 1 in 2022. It introduced an affordable, scalable 4K UHD distribution platform to support today’s 4K content with high frame rates natively over network infrastructures. In only a matter of a year, Just Add Power expanded the original lineup with Series 2, which includes all the features and benefits of the MaxColor 4K60 Series 1 products with even more capabilities to support the most robust applications.

With MaxColor Series 2, 4K60/4:4:4/36-bit-color video can be distributed over a 1 GB managed network using CatX (Cat 5e minimum) cable or fiber cable, so integrators can use the cable that best fits their projects. It also boasts power over USB-C, supporting KVM or, for example, a USB web camera signal over IP. With the new ARC feature from Just Add Power, installers can easily send audio from a TV connected to a MaxColor 2 receiver across the network to another MaxColor 2 receiver — connected to an audio-video receiver or another ARC-enabled amplifier — making project design even easier and more flexible. Its ARC and USB features make it ideal for home office, gaming, or a Twitch streaming setup.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Just Video Walls Spec Series Pre-Configured MicroLED Systems

Just Video Walls Spec Series Pre-Configured MicroLED Systems

The Spec Series of MicroLED systems is one way that Just Video Walls takes the guesswork and learning curve out of specifying MicroLED systems. With over 80 pre-configured systems to choose from in a wide array of sizes and aspect ratios, dealers can deploy a suite of vetted options into their project pipeline.

Dealers currently only have 16:9 “TV boxes” to sell as standardized sizes for MicroLED displays in either 2K or 4K resolutions. The Spec Series moves the conversation away from resolution and standard TV aspect ratios toward system experience and detail. Resolution is a factor, but only so far that the pixels are actually visible, a core-focus of the Spec Series approach to MicroLED specification.

This systemized approach allows dealers who are new to MicroLED a simple entry point into the category. While both new and experienced dealers can take advantage of its reliable and repeatable results. The Spec MicroLED series is a standardized, yet still an option rich MicroLED solution, vitally important for streamlining the design, installation, and service process.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State 8TB movie server

Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State 31TB movie server

The new Terra Prime Solid-State 31TB features an all-new board design with faster processing power and faster network — the only dedicated movie server with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. Kaleidescape’s new Terra Prime movie servers support lightning-fast movie downloads and can serve more Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movies concurrently to multiple screens.

The Terra Prime SSD 31TB’s updated electronics provide a movie server that is ready for emerging consumer networking and ISP trends. Terra’s sturdy and timeless exterior chassis features a new sleek matte black aluminum finish to differentiate the Solid-State models. All rear IO connections remain the same for easy swap out upgrades. Intelligent internal temperature control keeps electronics and high-performance SSDs cool for longevity while operating at near silence. Terra Prime SSD 31TB fits easily into a custom 2RU shelf (sold separately) making for easy installation.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State 31TB movie server

Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State 8TB movie server

The new Terra Prime Solid-State 8TB features an all-new board design with faster processing power and faster network — the only dedicated movie server with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. Kaleidescape’s new Terra Prime movie servers support lightning-fast movie downloads and can serve more Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movies concurrently to multiple screens.

The Terra Prime SSD 8TB’s updated electronics provide a movie server that is ready for emerging consumer networking and ISP trends. Terra’s sturdy and timeless exterior chassis features a new sleek matte black aluminum finish to differentiate the solid-state models. All rear IO connections remain the same for easy swap out upgrades. Terra Prime SSD 8TB downloads Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movies in as little as four minutes and serves up to 25 simultaneous playback zones. Terra Prime SSD 8TB stores approximately 125 Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movies.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Kordz International SlimCat Network Cable Systems

Kordz International SlimCat Network Cable Systems

With consumer adoption of and reliance on bandwidth-intensive smart home devices at record levels, there’s never been a more important time for systems integrators to deploy a new generation of Cat6 and Cat6A network cable and installation practices. Paving the way to enhanced networking performance, installation simplicity, and economy is Kordz’ new PRS and PRO SlimCat Network Cable Systems. The uniquely designed and constructed 28AWG Cat6 cable in the PRO line and 28AWG Cat6A cable in the PRS line are half the size of ordinary 23AWG and 24AWG network cable and boast a class-leading 32mm bend radius (for the PRO SlimCat Cat6 cable) and 40mm bend radius (for the PRS SlimCat Cat6A cable) for superior flexibility. These features are game changers for integrators, allowing cables to reach places they couldn’t until now, streamlining installation and minimizing costs, especially in high-density and retrofit applications.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - L-Acoustics Creations Soka

L-Acoustics Creations Soka

Created to meet the demands of applications where high sound pressure levels are needed within architectural settings, Soka, with its ultra-shallow profile, unlocks new creative possibilities for those who don’t want to compromise their sound when focusing on visual aesthetics.

Combining line source technology with a sleek aesthetic, Soka integrates nine 3.5-inch MF drivers and three 1-inch HF transducers to impart a wide 140-degree horizontal coupled with a highly controlled 26-degree vertical directivity. Its ultra-shallow 3.9 inches/99 millimeters is designed to be enclosed in-wall or discreetly mounted on-wall. Despite its diminutive size, Soka delivers 124 dB over a wide bandwidth that extends down to 70 Hz when used with the full-range preset. Using the SPL preset, Soka offers an even higher 130 dB down to 100 Hz. When accompanied by the SB6i subwoofer, Soka descends to 33 Hz.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Legrand SANUS VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full Motion Mount

Legrand Sanus VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full Motion Mount

The Sanus VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full Motion Mount provides everything installers need to mount a 42- to 85-inch display and store components out of sight with the included in-wall storage box. This premium mount boasts 28 inches of extension, a 67-degree swivel range, and sits nearly flush, at only half an inch from the wall. The sleek in-wall enclosure not only ensures a polished look but also provides storage for AV components that’s nearly invisible.

Designed for the ultimate home entertainment experience, the in-wall storage space provides a convenient way to keep AV and streaming components (like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku), switches, and more, out of sight, while still being easily accessible and optimizing the wall space behind the display. It snugly fits between two 16-inch on-center studs. For added convenience, the box can accommodate an in-wall power outlet (not included) and comes with six attachment slots and Velcro strips to organize components seamlessly. Its standout feature, the patented VirtualAxis fingertip tilt technology by Sanus, enables users to easily adjust the TV’s angle without any tools. With a simple touch, you can tilt the screen up or down to your preference.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Legrand Vantage LHUMAN KolorTune

Legrand Vantage LHUMAN KolorTune

Vantage’s LHUMAN KolorTune intelligent lighting control transforms the lighting control integration experience with full color control and dimming for light fixtures from leading fixture manufacturer partners. This innovation enables one of the widest selections of tunable fixtures to be used in a lighting system by providing an extensive library of pre-tested tunable light profiles needed to create lighting scenes with precise color temperatures. Available within Vantage’s Design Center software, installers simply select the chosen fixture(s) and Design Center will provide the defined fixture control details and color temperature mapping for the lighting fixture. This not only achieves super simple and fast programming, but also allows Vantage’s InFusion Controller to provide the correct color mix, producing accurate color temperature and intensity for the lighting task selected.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Liberty Arranger AvoIP Management Software

Liberty Arranger AvoIP Management Software

Liberty’s Digi IP standards-based, purpose-built hardware combined with Arranger web-based software provides the a simple, dependable, and affordable AVoIP solution to display, present, and engage.  Arranger Software is a single comprehensive, web-based Wizard to efficiently setup, monitor, manage, analyze, and control AVoIP endpoints — no programming skills required. Arranger can even create custom UIs or integrate with third-party control systems.

Imagine having a holistic view of all your rooms and devices, enabling your technical teams to manage and monitor them effortlessly. With Arranger, you can say goodbye to the hassle of using five different tools. This platform streamlines the entire process, empowering your technical teams to increase workflows, optimize resources, and enhance overall efficiency. From implementation to ongoing management, Arranger offers a single pane of glass that gives you complete control and visibility over your technology ecosystem, providing an intuitive interface that enables you to easily analyze data, troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - NETGEAR AV M4350 Series Managed Switches

Netgear AV M4350 Series Managed Switches

In AV environments, traditionally, customers had to use a switch designed for IT purposes, which takes a lot of time to understand and configure. They had to learn arcane IT commands and terms and/or hire an IT person to set it up. It was complicated and time-consuming. The M4350 comes in solving this challenge out of the box for many installations, and with an AV-centric user interface and the Engage controller offering easy, port-based AV profiles to take the guesswork out of configuring a switch when needed. When M4250 switches paved the way for small-to-medium installations, M4350 models now bring scale and redundancy on their own, or at the aggregation layer in concert with M4250 switches at the edge.

Designed for the most demanding AV-over-IP installations of up to thousands of endpoints, the M4350 brings all the simplicity from the M4250 AV line packed in more Enterprise-class hardware with redundant power supplies and larger fabrics with 25G and 100G uplinks. Centrally managed by the Netgear Engage Controller.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - NETGEAR AV PR460X Pro Router

Netgear AV PR460X Pro Router

The PR460X 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual-WAN Pro Router with Insight Remote Cloud Management lets users connect and manage internet traffic between wired devices within a secure network. The dual-WAN functionality includes failover protection, ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity for critical applications and services. The sleek, updated form factor of the router is designed for mounting with the ports in the rear, but can be installed reversed, if desired. As an Insight Remote Managed product, configuration and management is simple, stress-free, and available 24/7 from any location. It includes a 5-year warranty and 90-day free phone and chat support.

Highlighted features include 10G/Multi-Gig throughput and 1×2.5G WAN, 1x10G/Multi-Gig WAN/LAN configurable port, 3×2.5G LAN, and 1x10G SFP+ LAN ports, as well as dual-WAN ports for failover accommodating two internet connections to maintain a reliable link. The first connection functions as the primary and the other as a backup.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Nice HR40 Multifunction Smart Home Remote

Nice HR40 Multifunction Smart Home Remote

The Nice HR40 Remote Control redefines the remote-control experience with a full-fledged control interface that enables users to answer video doorbells, view surveillance cameras, and communicate with other interfaces using intercom, all using the 3.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen. Crafted with a solid aluminium body and glass touchscreen, the HR40 is a seamless extension of the Nice Home Management system interface.

The HR40 can effortlessly integrate into any new Nice Home Management or existing, legacy ELAN control system for extended management of smart home elements. The high-resolution touch screen can be personalized to the end-user, giving them direct access to their most-used functional scenes, and convenient control of their entire smart home system.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Nice North America Sun Shades by Nice

Nice North America Sun Shades by Nice

Sun Shades by Nice offers expansive design options and provides a complete shading offering for technology professionals. The new product line offers a wide variety of roller shading solutions, including manual and motorized options for interior and exterior spaces. The range of sun shades solutions for interior needs include open roll, cassette, fascia, and pocket mounting options, as well as options for dual roller and total blackout shades.

Sun Shades by Nice provide a wide range of design options with a simple, flexible integration for a seamless smart home solution. Powered by ultra-quiet and durable Nice tubular motors, which offer high reliability, adjustable motor speed, and can uniquely detect objects in both up and down directions. The Nice tubular motors come in a wide variety, including AC, DC, and battery, as well as both wired and RF. When paired with a Nice Home Management system, the discovery and setup functionality in the Nice Configurator application delivers a time-saving setup.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - One Firefly, LLC Amplify People

One Firefly, LLC Amplify People

Amplify People is a recruitment and hiring service exclusively tailored for the CI industry. Until now, hiring has primarily been done by outside recruiters. And working with recruiters comes with challenges — many don’t take the time to understand company culture and define who is the right fit candidate, and they’re very expensive.

Leveraging its in-depth industry knowledge and proven hiring practices, One Firefly has developed the AMPLIFY Process — a systematic approach to finding precision-matched talent. The process starts with identifying and analyzing a company’s culture to determine what kind of candidates will thrive in the company environment. Then One Firefly pursues a diverse range of candidates through strategic networking and posting to ensure a wide-ranging selection pool. Once the company has identified the shortlisted candidates, they are vetted using screening, in-depth, and skill assessment structured interviews. Finally, One Firefly presents the company with the strongest potential hires for final interviews and selection.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Planar Luminate Ultra Series Fine Pitch Outdoor LED Video Wall

Planar Luminate Ultra Series Fine Pitch Outdoor LED Video Wall

The Planar Luminate Ultra Series line of fine pitch, high bright outdoor LED video wall displays is designed to bring to outdoor environments the same level of image detail historically reserved for indoor spaces. Featuring models in 1.2, 1.5, and 1.9 millimeter pixel pitches, including the finest outdoor pixel pitch LED available, and up to 3500-nit brightness, the Planar Luminate Ultra Series supports comfortable viewing from as close as seven feet and ensures visibility even in direct sunlight. This makes the solution perfectly suited for any situation where outdoor, close viewing, and more detailed content is used, including rooftop terraces and poolside cinema. The series also features advanced LED technology that delivers more light with no reflection, in addition to using less power.

The Planar Luminate Ultra Series delivers the finest outdoor pixel pitch (1.2 millimeters) by using MicroLED technology to enhance the image with increased black levels and 160-degree visibility. The solution also features an IP65 Ingress Protection Rating, incorporating protective treatments designed to withstand weather conditions, dust and water. For added assurance and ruggedness, Planar Luminate Ultra Series displays include a protective coating that fills the gaps between LEDs. This not only strengthens weather protection, but also enhances high ambient light visual performance by increasing visual contrast for deeper black levels.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Portal's 2023 Updates Portal’s 2023 Updates

At Portal, the team of developers works in one-week sprints, which means almost every week there is something new or improved in Portal. Here are a few new key features:

Improved QBO Integration — Pushing a Proposal that you built and won in Portal into QuickBooks for accounting is as easy as pressing a button. Additionally, our new updates give dealers more flexibility and control, like being able to edit items and add prefixes before they are created in QuickBooks, making it easy to search existing QuickBooks item and customer lists to find the correct match, and having more control over item types and fields before items are created in QuickBooks. This means less time in QuickBooks cleaning things up, and more time focused on winning jobs and getting paid.

QBO Payments Integration — Portal launched its Payments functionality last year, which included Payment Processing through an integration to Stripe. However, many dealers get paid faster with Quickbooks Online (QBO) and some have better rates, so Portal integrated directly into QBO Payments. When the customer signs and accepts the proposal digitally, Portal auto-calculates the amount due for the deposit and presents the customer with Payment options. The ACH and Credit Card payment options now can be connected to the dealer’s existing QuickBooks Online payment processing account, with the added benefit of being able to charge a convenience fee for the credit card processing, which you can not do in QuickBooks. No more chasing customers for deposits after-the-fact or sending payment requests from inside QuickBooks.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - PSB Speakers Alpha-iQ
AM3 Product Images

PSB Speakers Alpha IQ

A simplified approach to audio, the Alpha iQ come equipped with a built-in digital amplifier and BluOS streaming so you can access and control everything from streaming services and digital music collections to EQ settings and multi-room speaker management. A versatile addition to any home audio system, whether in a stereo set-up, home theatre, TV speaker or as bookshelf speakers.

PSB’s Alpha iQ speakers feature a 4inch polypropylene mid-bass driver and 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and ferrofluid damping. Thanks to powerful amplifiers, tuned bass ports, and a DSP-enabled low-frequency extension, the Alpha iQ reveal the signature sound of PSB while delivering a bass output that completely belies their diminutive size.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Pure Fi Pro HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable

Pure Fi Pro HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable

The Pure Fi Pro HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable (AOC) gives professional installers a CL3-rated solution to deliver ultra-high-resolution video over extended runs of up to 1000 feet with near-zero latency or EMI interference. The AOC provides optical connectivity that supports HDMI 2.1a capabilities, including up to uncompressed 8K video content at 60 Hz.

The modular design features detachable Tx and Rx modules, making it possible to fish the pure optical fiber cable through conduit and other narrow openings with ease before terminating at the desired endpoints. While the cable itself is narrow and flexible, the durable fiber housing and dust-proof connectors withstand moisture, heat and other harsh environmental conditions to ensure years of trouble-free use.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Quantum Media Systems XDR3 LED Video Wall

Quantum Media Systems XDR3 LED Video Wall

The XDR3 is in a league of its own, as one of the first LED video walls developed specifically for residential applications rather than commercial projects. The XDR 3 LED Wall has been optimized for the presentation of content typically consumed by homeowners: 4K High Dynamic Range movies and streaming video, fast-action video games, high-res digital art, and multi-window sports viewing and video conferencing. The alters the dimension of its viewing surface to the most appropriate format based on the content selected, be it 2.39:1 Cinemascope, 2.0:1, 1.85:1, or 16:9 4K HD.

Another key differentiator is the ease by which the XDR3 Video Wall can be integrated into a smart home ecosystem. Its internal processors enable interoperability with many leading home control platforms, including Crestron, Crestron Home, Control4 and Savant. Unlike most brands of LED Video Walls, the XDR3 looks and performs beautifully in any home environment. It requires just four inches of total build-out depth and with 1500 nits of brightness renders exceptional images whether the room lights are on or off.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Samsung 77-inch Class S95C OLED 4K TV

Samsung 77-inch Class S95C OLED 4K TV

The Samsung 77-inch Class OLED (S95C) offers an ultra-slim frame — less than 11mm — all while providing bright, colorful, and color-accurate images and powerful audio. The Samsung 77-inch Class OLED offers superior picture quality and gives integrators a flawlessly designed and flexible option to meet the expectations of end-users.

The panel delivers more than a billion shades of color and pure blacks, which allows it to thrive in rooms with lots of natural light. The screen offers limitless contrast that’s perfect for the hidden-away movie room, family room, or even the kitchen. The Samsung 77-inch Class OLED screen is 30 percent brighter compared to 2022 Samsung OLED TVs, making it the perfect option for even the most brightly lit rooms.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

With the HW-Q990C, Samsung evolved its flagship soundbar to offer improved sound, functionality, and ease of use. The HW-Q990C is designed with 11 front-facing speakers, one subwoofer, and four up-firing speakers for a true Dolby Atmos sound experience. This enables the soundbar to deliver a seamless, surround sound experience that can fill the room with audio from all angles. With wireless Dolby Atmos built directly into the soundbar, no additional HDMI cables or plugs are needed when connecting to your Samsung TV — enabling end-users to arrange the space exactly how they want without compromising on the audio experience.

The HW-Q990C also offers SpaceFit Sound Pro, which automatically optimizes audio based on the environment without requiring any additional device. Coupled with Adaptive Sound, the soundbar can intelligently optimize audio in real-time, so that end-users can hear voices and audio better, even at low volumes. No matter the space, the HW-Q990C is designed to generate the perfect soundscape.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Savant Power Storage 20

Savant Power Storage 20

Savant Power Storage is a foundational and scalable smart home technology that consists of an integrated inverter and LFP battery software that offers optimized power source management, high performance energy storage, and flexible load management that can be tailored to meet the needs of any client. Why is this important? The rising adoption of EVs and increased electrification combined with the impact of more frequent, extreme weather events has rapidly added pressure to an overburdened power grid infrastructure. These factors have led to increased brownouts, rolling blackouts and unexpected outages, as well as increased electricity costs. A Savant Power solution including power storage provides a safer, smarter, greener living experience for any size home.

Savant Power Storage is a scalable solution that is ideal for wide range of home sizes and  allows homeowners to optimize available sources of power both on and off-grid to offset peak utility rates and extend stored energy for maximum benefit.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Savant Smart Network

Savant Smart Network

The Savant Smart Network (SSN) leverages an exclusive partnership with Juniper Networks, delivering the most advanced AI-driven networking ecosystem as the foundation of a seamless smart home experience. The Savant Smart Network redefines home networking by applying artificial intelligence (AI) and powerful cloud-based analytics to create a learning ecosystem that achieves optimal wireless performance throughout the home. Paired with a Savant Smart Networking Subscription, each Savant Smart Network utilizes Juniper’s Mist Cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science techniques to optimize user experiences in real time. A Savant Smart Network is always working and offers analytics that are much faster and more precise than human data analysis. User privacy and security is always paramount—no user data is captured or stored in the Savant cloud.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Shelly Group Plus i4 DC

Shelly Group Plus i4 DC

The Shelly Plus i4 DC is a four-channel input controller, powered by 5-24vdc and is a controller that can be used with up to four sensors or input switches. The Shelly Plus i4 DC allows you to manually activate or deactivate customized scenes. It also supports synchronized actions, which means you can coordinate multiple devices or actions to occur simultaneously. Additionally, you can create complex trigger scenarios, such as those involving lighting control and temperature monitoring.

Enhanced with an extremely fast processor, Shelly Plus i4 DC will immediately command the execution and notification of various actions. There are any number of ways you can easily customize scenes for your convenience and comfort. You can use Shelly Plus i4DC to control other connected Shelly relays, sensors, or HTTP and MQTT-controlled devices. Small enough to behind every wall switch, Shelly Plus i4DC can show the status and control the action of four inputs. This device is a Wi-Fi-operated controller with 4-digital inputs for enhanced actions control.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - SKYWORTH Clarus S1 Full Sun Outdoor TV

SKYWORTH Clarus S1 Full Sun Outdoor TV

The SKYWORTH Clarus S1 is a rugged “full-sun” TV designed to withstand extreme environments, ideal for the custom installation marketplace. Available in 75- and 65-inch versions, the LED TV features high brightness and is the world’s first outdoor Google TV. The Clarus S1 comes with a 100W 8-speaker soundbar and a sturdy wall mount. Its robust design and industry-leading features make it ideal for outdoor entertainment.

With a suggested retail price of $6999 for the 75-inch and $4999 for the 65-inch, the SKYWORTH Clarus TV offers a high-value, no-compromise option for outdoor entertainment. The combination its 3000-nit brightness and its anti-glare properties provides a picture that remains clear even under direct sunlight. A considerable benefit of the Google TV platform is that it provides a complete cord-cutting solution.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Snap One Control4 Single-Room Bundle

Snap One Control4 Single-Room Bundle

The Control4 single-room bundle is an entry level bundle that helps Partners tackle single-room installations or expansions, leveraging the powerful CORE lite Controller and popular Halo remote. This offering provides Snap One Partners with a simple, profitable solution that lowers the barrier of entry to the Control4 ecosystem and allows for expansion in any size of project. It offers features such as a high-resolution audio streaming, OnScreen menu, Intercom Anywhere, OvrC Pro, and more.

The CORE lite is a Control4 system controller specifically designed for single-room use with ports including ethernet, one USB, one HDMI, one internal Zigbee antenna, three IR Out, and one of which can be used as a serial port instead. Additional user features include an HD menu, high-resolution audio streaming with up to 12 native services, and, with an active subscription, cloud services that include remote access, notifications and alerts, Intercom Anywhere, cloud backups, and support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Sony Electronics BRAVIA XR 65-inch Class A95L QD-OLED 4K HDR Google TV

Sony Electronics BRAVIA XR 65-inch Class A95L QD-OLED 4K HDR Google TV

Sony’s brightest and widest range of colors and hues, powered by the intelligent Cognitive Processor XR. With a QD-OLED screen enhanced by XR Triluminos Max technology, experience color performance with up to 200 percent as much color brightness of a conventional OLED TV. Individually lit pixels produce pure black so your favorite movies, shows, and games burst to life on screen with extraordinary detail and depth.

Sony’s premium, minimalist One Slate design keeps viewers focused on the big picture. The two-way, multi-position stand gives viewers the option of a low-profile setting that focuses attention on the picture, or a raised setting that accommodates the soundbar in the ideal position. Integrated cable management keeps wires neatly hidden, so furniture stays free of clutter and looks great from all angles.  With the flexible and configurable Eco Dashboard, energy saving settings can now be centrally managed. Users can customize energy saving settings for your TV usage, viewing environment, and the content they are watching, all in one place.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Sony Electronics STRAZ5000ES Premium ES 11.2 CH 8K AV Receiver

Sony Electronics STRAZ5000ES Premium ES 11.2 CH 8K AV Receiver

Designed for integrators with optimized configurability, flexible connectivity, and advanced IP control for leading control systems, the STR-AZ5000ES is the total package for audio/visual performance and installation friendly features. With 130 watts, the STR-AZ5000ES delivers cinema-like surround sound and crystal-clear music reproduction with powerful amplification. Enjoy the latest HDMI technology with support for 8K and 4K/120 video sources. Equipped with four 8K HDMI inputs and two outputs, the STR-AZ5000ES is capable of delivering the most stunning picture quality and amazing clarity.

With support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Speaker Virtualization, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual: X, the STR-AZ5000ES delivers an object-based surround-sound experience. Sony’s exclusive 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology reproduces a physical soundfield that can adapt to your environment and create an experience that feels like a large movie theatre or concert hall.

With support for the leading control and remote monitoring systems like Control4, Savant, Crestron, and OvrC, the STR-AZ5000ES is built for integration. Installing the STR-AZ5000ES is easy. Setup can be performed either via the front panel, a web browser accessed on an external device, or through the onscreen Graphical User Interface (GUI).

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Sony Electronics STRAZ7000ES Premium ES 13.2 CH 8K AV Receiver

Sony Electronics STRAZ7000ES Premium ES 13.2 CH 8K AV Receiver

With 150 watts, the STR-AZ7000ES delivers cinema-like surround sound and crystal-clear music reproduction with powerful amplification. Enjoy the latest HDMI technology with support for 8K and 4K/120 video sources. Equipped with four 8K HDMI inputs and two outputs, the STR-AZ7000ES is capable of delivering the most stunning picture quality and amazing clarity. With support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Speaker Virtualization, DTS:X, DTS Virtual: X, and DTS: X Pro, the STR-AZ7000ES delivers an elevated object-based surround-sound experience.

The chassis of the ES model has been fundamentally revised: the overall thickness has been increased for improved rigidity, and the structures of the transformer base and other weight-bearing parts have also been redesigned to improve the instantaneous power and crispness of the sound, when compared to a conventional chassis. Sony’s exclusive 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology reproduces a physical soundfield that can adapt to your environment and create an experience that feels like a large movie theatre or concert hall.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Sony Electronics VPL-XW6000ES

Sony Electronics VPL-XW6000ES Projector

The VPL-XW6000ES offers a bold, crisp entertainment experience with 2500 lm2 of brightness, generated by a long-lasting laser light source, for vibrant images even on a large screen. Available in either black or white, this model also features all-new 0.61-inch SXRD panel for high brightness, inky blacks, vibrant colors, rich tones and textures, clear cinematic motion, and image smoothness. Utilizing Flagship-level X1 Ultimate for projector brings the best of Sony’s acclaimed BRAVIA TV video processing for projection, resulting in high dynamic range imagery with texture, color, contrast, and realism never-before available to home cinema.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Sony Electronics VPL-XW7000ES

Sony Electronics VPL-XW7000ES Projector

The VPL-XW7000ES is Sony’s powerful new Native 4K HDR laser model in the range, with 3200 lm2 and Live Color Enhancer, which provides vivid images even in bright home living spaces, making it the perfect companion for immersion in films, sports and gaming. This model also features a new 70mm diameter Advanced Crisp Focused (ACF) lens with aspherical front element and floating focus group that delivers extreme clarity so every detail can be experienced on the large screen.

The XW7000ES is equipped with the newly-developed “Live Color Enhancer” which provides more vivid and vibrant images without compromising on saturation where needed (i.e., skin color).

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - StormAudio ISR Fusion 20

StormAudio ISR Fusion 20 AV Receiver

Built upon the acclaimed ISP Elite MK3 platform, the Immersive Sound Receiver Fusion 20 is a 20-channel processor that incorporates 16 channels of the latest Edge amplification technology developed by Danish-based ICE Power. Boasting exceptional performance, the receiver showcases remarkably low levels of noise and distortion, delivering 150 watts (8-oohm) per channel and 500 watts (8-ohm) when bridged.

This unique receiver has the DSP power to decode all the latest immersive formats up to 11.1.8 (Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and IMAX Enhanced), and enable post-processing to optimize any speaker to any room straight out of the box. It boasts the most advanced implementation of Dirac Live Active Room Treatment, ensuring easy and accurate room calibration. It also offers support for up to 20 PEQs per channel, and can drive-up to four-way active crossovers and accommodate an unlimited number of subwoofers, providing exceptional versatility in audio configurations.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - SurgeX Vertical Series+

SurgeX Vertical Series+

The Vertical Series+ is the first new product released in the Protect + Connect product series: a future-focused, cloud-connected portfolio designed for growth to support modern and future custom integration power requirements. This release bolsters the brand’s mission to help integrators take control of ever-evolving AV power demands, safeguard power quality, and streamline management and control.

The SurgeX Vertical Series+ is a smart vertical power distribution unit (PDU) that delivers power distribution, quality assurance, and intelligent power management for space-constrained yet highly intelligent AV installations. Available in 8-, 16-, and-24 receptacle configurations, it can be installed easily with or alongside rack-mounted equipment to fit various project sizes, rack configurations, and power demands. The Vertical Series+ will integrate with popular control systems to help integrators streamline and manage projects of several types.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Vanco International EVMX42MV 4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Multiview

Vanco International EVMX42MV 4K 4×2 HDMI Matrix with Multiview

The EVMX42MV 4×2 HDMI Matrix delivers signals from up to four HDMI sources to two displays, with seamless switching and eight different built-in display modes. Users can display one, two, three, or all four sources at once. The EVMX42MV radically simplifies the creation of multiview video displays for digital signage, sports bars, collaboration spaces, and more. With a single box and absolutely no additional software or programming, integrators can create picture-in-picture, side-by-side, quadrant, and full-screen viewing experiences. This adaptability ensures that integrators have the ease to craft display configurations tailored for any environment.

The EVMX42MV transmits crystal-clear 4K@60 Hz 4:4:4 HDMI signals, enriched with High Dynamic Range (HDR). With audio breakout for each source and a wide array of flexible control options, integrators can easily integrate EVMX42MV in sophisticated solutions with immersive audio or home automation control. In a residential context, EVMX42MV offers a plug-and-play solution for creating the ultimate playoff experience, a next-level livestreaming home setup, or a powerful creative studio. Control is highly flexible: the EVMX42MV offers IR, RS-232, and IP control, as well as third-party drivers for RTI, Control4, and Creston.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - WALL-SMART Uni-inwall Universal Flush Mount

Wall-Smart Uni-inwall Universal Flush Mount

Wall-Smart broadens its range of attractive mounting and concealment solutions with a versatile mount that recesses any device flush with the surface of any inner wall. The Uni-inwall mount is similar in concept to Wall-Smart’s Universal Access Point ceiling mount but intended for installation in walls. Wall-Smart designed this clever concealment solution to accommodate myriad electronic devices from any manufacturer, giving integrators and homeowners the freedom to use any brand they prefer and without any concern about it conflicting with the interior design. The universal design of the Uni-inwall also makes upgrades a cinch — integrators can swap products knowing that the new device will fit comfortably. Plus, now integrators can carry one SKU for projects requiring a concealment solution.

The Uni-in-wall mount can be installed in any wall surface, in any convenient spot in the home. This provides residential and commercial integrators with remarkable design and installation flexibility that renders otherwise obtrusive technology less perceptible, or completely hidden when the included matte white cover is applied.

TWICE and What Hi-Fi? Winners

TWICE Best of Show Awards Winners

  • AWOL Vision 150” 4K 3D RGB Laser Projector LTV-3500 Pro
  • Crestron Home OS 4
  • ErgoFx Adjustable Height Standing Desk
  • Ethereal 8 Meter Velox Passive HDMI Cable
  • Hisense 100″U8K
  • Hisense L9H TriChroma Laser TV
  • Kaleidescape Terra Prime Solid-State 31TB movie server
  • Legrand SANUS VIWLF128-B2 Large In-Wall Full Motion Mount
  • GatorGrip Universal Phone/Tablet stand
  • Samsung 77” Class S95C OLED 4K TV
  • Samsung 98” Class Neo QLED 8K TV (QN990C)
  • Samsung 85” Class The Terrace 4K TV
  • Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar
  • Sony BRAVIA XR 65” Class A95L QD-OLED 4K HDR Google TV
  • Sony VPL-XW6000ES
  • Sony STRAZ7000ES Premium ES 13.2 CH 8K AV Receiver
  • Sony STRAZ3000ES Premium ES 9.2 CH 8K AV Receiver
  • Sony STR-AN1000 7.2 Channel 8K AV Receiver

What Hi-Fi? Best of Show Winners

  • Hisense L9H TriChroma Laser TV
  • L-Acoustics Creations Soka
  • Sony Electronics HT-S2000