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Tech Showcase: Residential Systems Best of Show Winners at CEDIA Expo 2022

Learn more about all of this year’s winning products.

CEDIA Best of Show 2022 Logo

Residential Systems, TWICE, and What Hi-Fi? have announced the winners of their annual Best of Show awards at CEDIA Expo 2022. The products were nominated by the manufacturers and a team of judges was employed to read through the entries (a portion of which is presented here), visit them on the show floor, and rate the products on a number of criteria, including value, impact, and how unique they are to the market.

Residential Systems entries were judged through the lens of the residential integrator, while TWICE based theirs on a consumer electronics retail view and What Hi-Fi? from the home entertainment enthusiast perspective.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Click here to read the Best of Show Program Guide that features all nominees and all winners from all brands!

CEDIA Best of Show - Arlington CH Series

Arlington Industries CH1

Arlington’s CH1 J hooks are the convenient solution for running communications cable. They are available in heavy-duty plastic and two styles in steel.

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CEDIA Best of Show - Autonomic Advanced Music Bridge

Autonomic Advanced Music Bridge

The Advanced Music Bridge (AMB) is a small network connected device that adds next-generation features to existing eSeries Mirage Media Servers (MMS) installations. The purpose of this device is to allow Autonomic to release next-generation features, such as Apple Music and integration, while eliminating the need for customers to replace existing hardware. It is an add-on for new and existing eSeries MMS systems. When the AMB is put on the network with an eSeries MMS, they will begin communicating with each other. The presence of the AMB will enable the MMS to upgrade its firmware to Mirage OS 7.0. The MMS will offload the processing of certain features to the AMB automatically. This additional processing is what allows us to create the feature rich experience found on Mirage OS 7.0.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Crestron Home OS

Crestron Home OS

Crestron Home OS manages all devices in the technology-driven homes of today. The user interface delivers an intuitive experience with animation to give homeowners control over everything either remotely from their mobile device or at home using touch screens, voice command, remotes, and more. Crestron Home is constantly evolving and gets more valuable over time, enabling users to make software updates and add new features that work with their existing hardware.

Every six weeks or so, the Crestron Home platform gets an update, including everything from minor fixes to major upgrades and functionality for both Crestron and third-party devices. Now, with the latest update to Crestron Home, it also runs natively on the new MacBook Pro M1 laptop computer.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Crestron LED Light Fixtures

Crestron LED Light Fixtures

Crestron LED Light Fixtures were created to meet the design, intelligence, elegance, and customization that homeowners demand. The fully tunable light fixtures add real-time personalized lighting control into the Crestron Home operating system. Through the Crestron Home platform, homeowners have full control of the color of their lights including hue, saturation, color temperature, and intensity of light, or they can opt to synchronize Crestron’s LED Light Fixtures with their natural circadian rhythm or utilize a Crestron SolarSync sensor to match the natural light outside.

Crestron LED Light Fixtures have scene-based control where users are able to set scenes for one-touch control and to suit an individual’s preferences. Scenes can specify white light, colors, or can trigger circadian or SolarSync cycles. “One-touch warm Dim” or “One-touch Wellness” allows users to have favorites to toggle between at any time.

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CEDIA Best of Show – DMF Lighting iX Series

DMF Lighting iX Series

The iX Series offers all the advantages of a smaller footprint while maintaining strong light output and versatility. The same housing will accommodate Standard Downlights, Wall Wash, or Adjustable in Round or Square. The one-piece, precision-crafted metal trims are offered in standard and flangeless mud in or flawless wood application. Trims are easy to install or swap out to create the effect the homeowner is looking for. Additionally, the iX can be installed in both new construction and remodel applications.

The solution that DMF has developed offers the performance of larger fixtures and error-free installation utilizing a patented Precision Lock Collar that eliminates over-cutting and ensures a perfectly cut, sharp flange, and installations at a uniform depth. The fixture also offers painless serviceability as the custom-designed driver for this fixture is easily accessible below the ceiling. The result is a quiet ceiling and a modular system that is as easy as plug, snap, and fit.

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CEDIA Best of Show – DreamScreen UltraWeave screen fabric

DreamScreen UltraWeave Screen Fabric

The DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 is the 7th generation acoustic transparent (AT) fabric. Throughout the last 15 years, DreamScreen has tested, prototyped, produced, and sold a number of technical solutions. In its opinion, the best possible screen is the one that does not make its appearance — you simply see what is projected upon it, nothing less, nothing more. By combining a high-gain, yet speckle-free and full viewing-angled reflection with high resolution, well-contrasted, and color-neutral performance, the v7 is closer than ever to obtaining that objective. When adding high acoustical transparency to that equation, the now-patented technology used in the DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 may be able to alter how we regard AT screens in terms of image quality, even directly compared to regularly non-AT screens.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Hisense U8H

Hisense U8H

The U8H is the latest upgrade from Hisense’s U8 Series. Designed for those looking for a high-performing TV without the inflated price tag, the U8H offers all of the latest in TV technology. Featuring Mini LED, a first for Hisense, paired with Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot, the U8H delivers vibrant colors, fantastic contrast, and its trademark bright picture for an impressive HDR experience. The Mini-LED backlight panels enable a seamless relationship between hardware and software for greater color dimming and contrast so viewers get a truly enhanced viewing experience with greater brightness and greater color accuracy than the standard LED TV. Hisense strategically paired these with its ULED technology for better fine-tuning frame-by-frame to elevate the overall viewing experience.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Automation

Hunter Douglas PowerView Gen 3 Automation

The PowerView Gen 3 Automation is a reliable, simple, and scalable platform that makes it easier than ever for integrators and homeowners alike to reap the benefits of automated window treatments. PowerView Gen 3 is designed to make quoting, specifying, and installing Hunter Douglas smart shading easier, maximizing time on-site and powering business growth for dealers with a competitive portfolio of products.

PowerView Gen 3 operates on Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, enabling two-way communication between shades and the PowerView App with robust connectivity and range, without the need for additional hubs or repeaters. This connectivity helps to streamline setup — integrators can simply follow step-by-step directions in the app, using proximity-based shade discovery for easy identification and quick-naming recommendations. The process does not require a local Wi-Fi network, optimizing efficiency for beginning the process and alleviating security concerns for homeowners. Not only can custom integrators fly through the PowerView setup, but they can also save more than 50 percent of the time historically spent learning the system, freeing up more time to invest in projects and business opportunities.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Integrated Fiber Platform IFP Connect

Integrated Fiber Platform IFP Connect

IFP Connect is a fiber optic network solution consisting of an eight-port Fiber Optic Switch and multiple In-wall Fiber Optic Transceivers with one or four RJ45 ports for local network device connection. IFP Connect solves the limitations of category cable for speed, distance, bandwidth, and interference immunity. IFP Connect replaces eight-conductor category cable with one single-mode fiber and a two-conductor power cable prewire. Significant time savings are realized when compared to category cable installation and termination time. IFP Connect is a patent-pending product topology designed specifically for the systems integration market.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Just Add Power 718KVM and 749KVM Transmitters

Just Add Power 718KVM and 749KVM Transmitters

We’re in unprecedented times: There’s an explosive demand for transmitting 4K signals over the network at a time when equipment and chip shortages are making it difficult to fully realize project goals. Traditionally, this would have been a barrier, but it become a great opportunity for Just Add Power to think outside the box. To do that, the company thought long and hard about what’s inside the box. In the past, not being able to get hands on exact equipment models might have meant being locked into a solution that didn’t have all the right features. Now, AV/IT managers can future-proof their AV-over-IP system with agile and modular components that overcome equipment barriers. Just Add Power’s 718KVM and 749KVM transmitters are field-modifiable. Built in response to the customer demand for the company’s 718AVP and 749AVP transmitters at a time when the solutions’ Dolby downmixing chipset is in short supply, the new transmitters support KVM as well as stereo audio breakout right out of the box. This modularity delivers the capacity for growth and expansion of desired features in the future. The transmitters will be field-modifiable in the future to have all features of the 718AVP/749AVP once chips become more readily available. Projects can go on without sacrificing on features or throwing away money on hardware that will have to be ripped and replaced.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Kaleidescape Compact Terra 22TB Movie Server

Kaleidescape Compact Terra 22TB Movie Server

Kaleidescape’s new compact Terra 22TB movie server replaces its compact Terra 18TB. Kaleidescape, acting on customer feedback, streamlined its product line to meet a wide range of customer needs in the 4K UHD era while maintaining the unrivaled quality, faster download speeds, and seamless playback experience that define Kaleidescape. This new product offers convenient scaling capabilities that make sense.

The compact Terra 22TB can store over 350 4K UHD movies or over 650 movies with a mix of 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD-quality titles, and serve up to five simultaneous 4K UHD playbacks. The compact Terra allows customers the flexibility to add playback zones and grow their movie collection over time. Up to four compact Terra servers can be combined in a single system for more storage. In addition, the compact Terra can download a UHD 4K movie in as little as 10 minutes.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Legrand Shading Systems Designer Series Decorative Brackets

Legrand Shading Systems Designer Series Decorative Brackets and Hembar Endcaps

Legrand Shading Systems has introduced its Designer Series of decorative brackets and hembar endcaps to ensure that homeowners love everything about their shades. The brackets and hembar endcaps are available in a wide range of finishes to match any home’s unique style. Designed to fit 2.6-inch and 3.3-inch universal and open-roll adjustable brackets, the decorative brackets slide on easily to completely conceal mounting brackets from the outside without interfering with the mounting surface. They tastefully and cleverly hide mounting hardware from view, resulting in a cohesive shading design. Likewise, the Designer Series hembar endcaps offer a redesigned, modern shape to complete the look and provide a consistent finish.

To match the aesthetics of any space perfectly, down to the last detail, Designer Series decorative brackets and hembar endcaps are available in 15 new finish styles across three collections: Premium, Glass, and adorne. Premium finishes offer clean lines and are color-matched to Legrand’s wiring devices, while adorne finishes perfectly complement switches and outlets from Legrand’s adorne Collection.

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CEDIA Best of Show – LG G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition TV

LG G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition TV

LG’s G2 OLED TV selection (55- to 97-inch sizes), which includes the world’s first 97-inch OLED TV, delivers next-gen technology packed in a thin and sleek design that mounts flush to almost any wall. Featuring LG’s most advanced OLED panel and the new α9 Gen 5 intelligent processor, including brightness booster technology, LG’s evo technology is built into the G2 OLED TV, bolstering the highest contrast, perfect black, and the brightest colors ever seen in an LG OLED.

The G2’s α9 Gen 5 boasts the new Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm, which individually processes over 5000 areas on the screen, enhancing each to produce a more vivid and detailed image, in both brighter and darker parts of the picture. The α9 Gen 5 leverages deep learning to enhance upscaling performance and give onscreen images a more three-dimensional quality by making foreground and background elements more distinct from one another. LG’s latest processor also boosts audio quality via the AI Sound Pro feature, enabling the TVs’ built-in speakers to produce virtual 7.1.2 surround.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Lithe Audio Pro Series Wi-Fi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker

Lithe Audio Pro Series Wi-Fi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker

Featuring an amplifier, connectivity, and high-quality speaker components in one device, Lithe Audio’s Pro Series Wi-Fi Multiroom Ceiling Speaker requires only a power source for installation — whether it’s a 110V power feed, the included power supply, or power over Ethernet (PoE). This makes it simple for integrators to provide clients with audio streaming in a single room or throughout their home, without sacrificing the audio quality they demand.

Consisting of woven glass fiber woofer cones, titanium tweeters, and a 60-watt RMS Class D amplifier pre-tuned for in-ceiling use, the Pro Series delivers full high-resolution audio at 192 kHz, 24 bits. For connectivity, the speaker supports both Bluetooth and 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, while embedded AirPlay 2 and Chromecast technologies enable the creation of distributed audio systems. The speaker features an optical input and two Ethernet ports — one for a hardwired network connection and one for daisy-chaining another speaker. Up to 10 Pro Series speakers can be connected together, with each of those powering another speaker for a total of 20. The speaker is available with drivers for integration into Control4 and FIBARO control systems — with drivers for additional manufacturers coming soon — while support for Alexa and OK Google provides convenient voice control.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Lutron Electronics Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System

Lutron Electronics Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System

Today’s luxury homes increasingly require one key capability: powerful daylight control. The Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System offers simple, wire-free installation and precise, automated control of daylight — intuitively optimizing interior lighting and enabling users to set the perfect shading for any moment, hands-free. It provides sophisticated technology with a simple user experience, extending the ultimate in shade controls to more architectural conditions, homes, spaces, and windows, with greater success — and less effort. Designed to pair with the complementary finishes of the Palladiom wall control and thermostat, the Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System offers an unparalleled, retrofit shading solution that integrates seamlessly with other Lutron lighting control systems.

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CEDIA Best of Show - MetraAV Big Dog Power - Smart Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

MetraAV Big Dog Power Smart Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

MetraAV’s new Big Dog Power solution combines all of the features integrators need into one power distribution unit to deliver surge protection, remote control, smart home integration, rack temperature management, and more. Twelve individually controllable outlets have power metering, self-healing, and automatic reboot capabilities for smarter and easier remote management of connected devices. Devices can be turned on and off without requiring an internet connection, allowing for scheduled reboots and an easy network equipment power reset that can solve the most common technical issues, reducing time-intensive support calls and truck rolls.

A surge mileage meter shows when surges have occurred and the percentage of remaining protection. When a surge happens, two removable surge protection modules can be replaced without sacrificing the entire PDU, making this solution unique and cost-effective. Temperature control can also be automated with four magnetic temperature sensors that can be used to program turning on a fan or turning off devices when the temperature gets too high. The 13th service outlet powers a temporary device without having to reach behind the PDU. This unit is also designed to work without internet connection and still have automatic self-healing functions.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Modulus Media Systems M2

Modulus Media Systems M2

Modulus new M2 is a high-performance UHD 4K movie server that includes a versatile digital library for movies and other programming with up to 80 TB of field-upgradeable internal storage, optional integrated backup, and NAS compatibility for unlimited expansion. With this enormous capacity, the M2 can store even very large collections of movies and other programming and make it available on demand to be enjoyed again and again.

The M2’s exclusive multi-source recording abilities include cable or antenna TV and commercial streaming services, and it imports UHD 4K Blu-ray discs. M2 owners can record their favorite movies, dramatic series, documentaries, sporting events, and other programming from virtually any source, save this content indefinitely, and enjoy it again and again.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Natufia One

Natufia One

An innovative indoor garden for every home, community space or office. You can easily grow up to 20 different nutritious herbs and vegetables, without GMO or pesticides, right at your fingertips with automated watering and lighting. The unit is a plug-and-play device. Plants grow automatically, and you can harvest them as and when needed. Over 100 varieties of leafy greens, herbs, and vegetables are available to harvest immediately for cooking and eating, giving variety and life to your diet and transforming the way you relate to your food. You can also connect units in series as many as you wish depending on your needs: from home use to the whole community greens production.

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CEDIA Best of Show – NETGEAR M4250 Desktop Models

NETGEAR M4250 Desktop Models

For years, the AV world has had to use switches designed for IT uses, which meant tedious, complicated setup and configuration, not to mention an industrial design that was not conducive to the refined aesthetics of the AV industry. NETGEAR has seen tremendous attention paid to its new AV Line of M4250 switches encompassing 11 models that are designed from the ground up for Pro AV with input from integrators, consultants, and end users. NETGEAR has now introduced desktop versions — GSM4210P and GSM4210PX. Included mounting brackets allow these svelte models to be mounted behind a display or under a conference room table. The GSM4210PD model is fanless so it can be used in noise-sensitive environments. The GSM4210PX model sports adjustable fans so they may be turned down or off depending on the operating circumstances. Both models offer PoE+ with 30 watts of power per port and either 110 or 220 watts of PoE budget across the switch, depending on the model. These switches also offer the company’s AV User Interface.

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CEDIA Best of Show – One Firefly Video Pioneer

One Firefly Video Pioneer

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive bid for consumers’ attention, video is the most powerful branding and marketing strategy to help dealers stand out in their marketplace, keep prospects on their website, inspire job seekers, and engage visitors with solutions they offer. Video is also a great way for companies to showcase the personality of their team and business overall. However, while video is a powerful tool, it is also one that is most underutilized by integrators because it is perceived as being hard to produce, time-intensive, expensive, and something that dealers do not have enough knowledge to do themselves.

One Firefly has an extensive history of producing industry-focused video — from the creation of UI University in 2016 and the Mercury Pro media library in 2019, to custom video production for well-known industry brands like Savant and Bravas. Building on this experience, One Firefly designed a turnkey, industry-focused service that takes the primary obstacles of video production — time, resources, and knowledge — out of integrators’ hands and delivers a VIP experience from start to finish. With Video Pioneer, integrators can easily create professional, unique, and customized video content of their team, facilities, and projects for their websites. One Firefly fully manages every step of the process, from pre-production through deployment on a dealer’s website.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Orro S

Orro S

Orro S is a human-centric dimmer and lighting control system in the form factor of a standard-sized light switch. The device features advanced daylight and occupancy/motion-sensing technologies to not only provide automated, intelligent lighting, but simple and painless compatibility with other smart home devices and brands. The company’s human-centric, wellness-driven system provides automated, intelligent lighting that follows the sun’s natural cycles and the body’s circadian rhythms to provide healthier and more efficient lighting. With motion, sound, infrared, and lighting sensors built in, the system learns and adapts to occupants’ habits to automatically activate and deactivate lighting, while applying only the precise amounts needed, reducing lighting usage by up to 80 percent. Enhanced third-party features now extend the device’s human-centric lighting benefits to other connected lighting systems and brands, including Lutron Caséta, Lutron RA2 Select, Leviton, Kasa Smart by TP Link, and LIFX. Orro S connects to standard wiring, fits in a standard J-box, and requires no changes to electrical connections and plans.

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CEDIA Best of Show - Planar Luxe

Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100

The Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 is a 100-inch LCD display featuring 700-nit brightness, a wide color gamut perfect for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, and advanced video processing capabilities. This maximizes image quality to create brighter whites, darker blacks, and more true-to-life colors, allowing for a more genuine viewing experience. The release of Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 introduced a global first: a 100-inch commercial-grade, 24×7 LCD display that allows users to showcase 4K HDR content with high brightness and a slim installation profile that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. With the ultra-thin Planar Profile Mounting System included, Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 installs simply and slimly, keeping the display close to the wall while remaining completely front-serviceable. In addition, users can view multiple sources simultaneously in picture-in-picture, dual, triple, or quad layouts as a result of built-in Planar MediaPlex Plus processing.

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CEDIA Best of Show – 'Payments' by ‘Payments’ by

Portal has reimagined and streamlined payment collection for integrators. More than 50 integrators have worked closely with Portal for the past two years to design and test the perfect payment processing solution. Instead of chasing customers for deposit payments after accepting a proposal, Portal presents customers with a payment request automatically at the moment the proposal is accepted, preventing needless collection delays. The deposit payment is automatically calculated based on chosen proposal options, and customers can initiate a secure ACH or credit card payment directly. Additionally, integrators can pass payment processing fees on to customers. Project payments can all be managed and tracked inside the proposal, and Payouts are QuickBooks friendly, making tracking card fees simple.

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CEDIA Best of Show - Quantum Media Systems Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall

Quantum Media Systems Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall

Quantum Media Systems has been designing, engineering, and facilitating studio-grade digital cinema technology for pro screening rooms, commercial theaters, private theaters, and beyond for more than 20 years. Owned by Ken Hoffman and Cesar Guerrero, QMS has traditionally put an emphasis on two-piece projection systems. Within the last five years, however, it has transitioned its focus to the development and integration of its own Fine Pitch LED walls.

From a performance standpoint, the XDR lets the audience enjoy a truly high-performance image. Its immersive image display technology with Fine-Pitch LED and high-performance image processing produces sharp, defined detail, vibrant color spectrum, and High Dynamic Range (HDR), which results in a wide contrast ratio with deep blacks and peak white levels, providing for an image that goes beyond what is currently attainable in the realm of residential video. Homeowners can now truly enjoy any content with the lights on or in full view of sunlight thanks to the XDR’s extreme brightness (up to 1000 nits).

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CEDIA Best of Show – Samsung The Wall All-in-One (IAB)

Samsung The Wall All-in-One (IAB)

Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One (IAB) is the next generation of the modular display. The enormous, high-definition, fully immersive display transforms luxury residences with a trademark sleek design, thin frame, and upgraded sizing options. What’s more, the IAB gives the CE professional a helping hand by transforming the assembly process entirely with a reduced overall installation time.

The IAB’s 16:9 form factor model comes in three different sizes — 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch, and 2K 110-inch — and it lets users combine two 4K, 146-inch screens side by side to create a 32:9 form-factor model. Additionally, the display features a direct input connection without the need for a separate device, creating a clean and convenient setup. The Wall All-in-One assembly process is similar and convenient to set up like that of a typical consumer TV — its pre-adjusted seam, embedded S-box, and ‘Pre-Assembled Frame Kit’ all dramatically reduce the overall installation time.

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CEDIA Best of Show - Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

The Frame has transformed TV and home design with the ability to display art and photos in landscape when turned off. The Frame can blend into the background when not in use providing a range of options when outfitting any space. It incorporates the premium, innovative features that Samsung QLED TV users expect, including a quantum dot display that brings more than a billion colors to life with incredible accuracy. The 2022 model includes the new Matte Display Film and Anti-Reflection technology, which help limit the effects of screen glare and mimics the illusion of texture to make the screen look like a canvas painting. Engineered to maximize light scattering surface irregularities, The Frame’s display gives consumers the most realistic art and content experiences yet for exceptional onscreen images, without compromisng its 4K QLED TV viewing experience.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Savant Home Backup and Restore

Savant Home Backup and Restore

From the beginning, Savant challenged the legacy hardware and custom programming business model of the custom installation Industry, and, after nearly two decades of progress toward a more flexible software-based solution, Savant has introduced the first smart home subscription model, bringing value to the homeowner as well as opportunity to custom integration professionals. Savant’s base subscription, Savant Essentials, delivers access to the latest smart home features and advanced integrations, plus enhanced support, and serviceability with the Savant Home Backup & Restore feature.

Savant’s Home Backup & Restore feature leverages secure cloud-based capability to store key parameters and settings of the smart home so that when hardware is upgraded, user-preferences, photos, scenes, and more are effortlessly restored from the cloud — all using the Savant Pro app. This feature is the first of its kind for the smart home and offers significant peace of mind for integrators who can be hesitant to upgrade client hardware for fear of redundant and costly programming time, just to restore existing features and homeowner personalizations.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Shade Pocket Bracket

Shade Pocket Bracket

This is the only mounting solution on the market for prefabricated shade pockets. Up to now, no form of mounting brackets have existed for shade pockets, so among dealers there have been two schools of thought when it come to shade pocket installations: Either we install them using a method that includes multiple checkups on framing that requires measuring precisely every framed space, give the framer a correction list, recheck yet again, and so on and so forth until every space is framed correctly before we come out with the metal pockets, or we try to convince the builder to install our product for us.

With the Shade Pocket Bracket, the mounting system does not need a framed support header. It provides perfect leveling and protrusion of the shade pocket every time. It lets the dealer install any length of shade pocket just as easily in minutes. It provides mounting support for the actual shade when it gets installed and, since the bracket is threaded, it allows you to adjust the pocket protrusion even after drywall is done if the finish thickness changes.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Sonus faber Arena

Sonus faber Arena

Arena is the heritage brand’s latest custom installation speaker collection offering natural sound reproduction and incredible sonic performance, packaged in the refined Italian design associated with Sonus faber’s artisans.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Sony Electronics HT-A7000

Sony Electronics HT-A7000

Discover a whole new level of immersion that envelops you in 7.1.2-channel surround sound with multiple speakers, a built-in subwoofer, and advanced audio technologies. And with rear speakers, it supports 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. Utilizing a combination of technology such as Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro Front Surround, the HT-A7000 provides a wider sweet spot, enabling everyone to have the best seat in the house during a movie. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X lend a more realistic, multi-dimensional sound to your content. The Sound Field Optimization calibrates the HT-A7000 to your room environment to provide the best sound. Thanks to Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine, the A7000 can position sound in vertical space to create overhead audio without the need for in-ceiling speakers. With S-Force PRO, the soundbar can virtually reproduce the surround sound field, with audio coming from both horizontal directions.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Sony Electronics X95K

Sony Electronics X95K

Sony’s first mini-LED TV rises to the premium level. Jam-packed with features such as high-performance gaming, immersive audio, Dolby Atmos support, Cognitive Processor XR, BRAVIA CORE, Ambient Optimization Pro, and XR Triluminos Pro, these mini-LED TVs are bringing back lost texture and detail with upscaled near-4K resolution picture. Media are loving the first ever mini-LED TVs from Sony, as the 8K Mini LED series becomes Sony’s 2022 TV flagship lineup.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Victrola Stream Carbon

Victrola Stream Carbon

Victrola Stream Carbon is the only fully integrated, high-performance, standalone turntable certified by the Works with Sonos program that can seamlessly connect with a Sonos sound system without any additional equipment, creating a whole-home listening experience. In a category that has remained innovatively stagnant, Victrola created the first turntable to enjoy physical music collections as easily as digital music collections. This innovative approach to vinyl listening has been revolutionized for Sonos users to enable complete control of which zones a record is heard, as well as the volume it is played, all within the Sonos app. Victrola Stream Carbon’s premium components combined with a simplistic setup allows more time to be spent making music memories on a Sonos sound system.

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CEDIA Best of Show – Wall-Smart for Savant Ascend Keypads

Wall-Smart for Savant Ascend Keypads

One of the most recent additions to Wall-Smart’s evolving keypad mounting portfolio is its Flush Wall Mount for Savant Ascend Keypads. Embodying a unique combination of design, performance, and installation-friendly features, the mounts create a seamless transition between the keypad and the wall. Instead of protruding from the surface, the keypad sits completely flush. It’s a simple step that integrators can take to preserve the architectural design and integrity of luxury homes.

Despite the obvious nod to design, this new line of wall mounts also enables the performance features of the Savant Ascend keypad. In fact, by addressing concerns over the keypad’s impact on the home design, it can be placed where it is most convenient to use rather than tucked into a corner.

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