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Complexity Preventing Network Loyalty

Home networking complexity reduces both satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Dallas, TX–A new study finds that installation complexity–quantified by help desk calls–reduces both satisfaction with and brand loyalty to home networking products and services.

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty regarding home networking equipment are related directly to product ease of installation and operation, according to Parks Associates Primary Perspectives: Complexity & Customer Satisfaction in the Networked Home.

The study finds that satisfaction declines precipitously– as much as 25 percent–if a customer is required to make two or more service calls to install and operate home network equipment. Progress has been made in simplifying these products through standard device drivers and graphics-based installation wizards, but in order to secure long-term success in this market, developers and providers should continue devising new ways to reduce the complexity of home networking solutions.

The Parks Associates study Primary Perspectives: Complexity & Customer Satisfaction in the Networked Home consists of primary research findings from surveys conducted over the past 12 months among broadband households with a data network. It provides perspective and analysis on customer service issues related to the deployment of home networks by identifying needy consumers, examining the relationship between complexity and customer satisfaction, and quantifying the impact of satisfaction on brand loyalty.

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