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Karen Mitchell

Articles From This Author


Living Large

Two years ago, prominent private theater designer Theo Kalomirakis, founder of TK Theaters, and his VP of sales and marketing James Theobald envisioned...


At the Crossroads

”CEDIA, what have you done for me lately?” is more than a rhetorical question these days, as veterans and newcomers of the 20-year-old...


Just Lift It

They lift and they lower. They rotate, swivel, and tilt… all on command. The flat-panel TV motorized lift market is a niche that continues...


With the Utmost Simplicity

Contemporary vancouver home offers sophisticated and discrete blend of technology Marriage changes everything, even residential systems integration. So it was for a LaScala Integrated...


On the Road Again

You could say that Frank Konigseder Jr.’s business plan is a moveable feast of fully integrated control products to rival any landlocked system. ...


Going GUI

The interface is everything; if a client isn't comfortable with it, the entire project is compromised.


A Penthouse View

State-of-the-art technology, impeccably installed but never obvious, heard but not seen. Thats the design ticket to a 7,800-square-foot penthouse on Fisher Island.


Well Grounded

Cabling Technologies, a system integration company, has formed a symbiotic relationship with Advanced Electronic Systems LLC, a security firm.


All in the Details

An unmovable basement door was one of a few recent challenges faced by Broomall, Pennsylvania's Hi-Fi House in the design and installation of a...

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