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Revisiting “A Theater Worth Waiting For”

Checking back in on Doug Darrow and Priscilla Morgan’s personal, at-home Dolby Cinema.

Residential Systems - May 2021 - Cover

Right around this time last year, I had the pleasure of speaking to Doug Darrow and Priscilla Morgan, two tech professionals who had just built the home theater of their dreams — a full Dolby Cinema experience in a 16 feet wide by 21 feet long space. The theater would include commercial gear from Christie and Dolby, where Darrow was formerly SVP, Cinema Business Group, as well as content provided by Kaleidescape, where Morgan is a member of the Board of Directors.

The space also includes 32 custom-made speakers and processing from CAT – California Audio Technology, and the whole thing was put together by Greg Margolis of HomeTronics.

It is an exceptional installation that you can read (or re-read) about in our life-changing story (that changed life would be mine, which I detailed here).

Or you can check out this brand-new, 7-minute, behind-the-scenes video that Kaleidescape has produced and that arrives just in time to celebrate one turn around the sun since the story was published.