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Sound with Style

Leon Speakers' Noah Kaplan on how speakers contribute to the art of the home theater.

A Q&A with Noah Kaplan from Leon Speakers.

Installation by TRIPhase Technologies, Zionsville, IN.

 A home theater is a combination of art (design) and science (technology). How, as a provider of home theater loudspeakers does, Leon strive to provide clients with a pleasing balance of both?
NOAH KAPLAN: At Leon, it has always been our vision to mix design with technology, and we strive to do so with every product that we make. Our goal is for technology to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of the home and we offer countless options for customization that you just can’t get with an off-the-shelf product. From custom grille fabrics to beautiful hardwood finishes, and more, we enable design and technology to exist harmoniously.

Collaboration between AV integrators and designers is important to any home tech project. Does it become even more important when creating a home theater space?
Absolutely. We often find that interior designers don’t know just how creative they can be with AV. They typically just want the technology to disappear, but when they discover the possibilities and learn that speakers and tech can be customized to match their design, we see the lightbulb go off. It’s important for our industry to continue to make connections with designers and to educate them on how our industries can work together.

How does design and/or collaboration with designers influence the style, functionality, and feature-set of your products?
We’ve always tried to look at our product design through the eyes of the designer, and that is why we have artists and designers on our team. Working directly with architects and interior designers is invaluable because it provides us with the opportunity to learn firsthand about the challenges they face when integrating AV, and their insights often inspire new Leon designs and products.

How has the art of home theater (design) influenced the home theater market?
We’ve noticed recently less consumer demand for elaborate, basement home theaters and greater interest in creating a theater-like experience in the rooms of the home where families actually spend time, like living rooms and family rooms. We may be known for our soundbars, but we also offer architectural speakers and subwoofers that are timbre-matched to our TV speakers, allowing you to build out a 5.1 or 7.2 system that provides a home theater experience in any room of the house.

How important is design to the functionality and performance of your products?
At Leon, design influences every decision we make, and while sound is at the heart of what we do, style is what sets us apart. We create our products to deliver on both performance and aesthetics.

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