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CEDIA Expo 2024 Pickleball Meet-Up

Will we see you on the courts?

If you haven’t heard, pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America! Not only is it a fun way to get some exercise, it is one of the most social sports around, offering a great opportunity to mix and mingle with new people.

John and Jeremy on the Pickleball Court
Are you ready to face Residential Systems reviewer John Sciacca (left) and Residential Tech Today editor Jeremy Glowacki on the pickleball court at CEDIA Expo?

Besides being incredibly fun – and addictive – it is easy for those coming from other racket/paddle sports like tennis, racquetball, and ping pong to jump in. And even if you don’t have an athletic bone in your body, pickleball is great for people of all ages and simple for beginners to pick up, learn, and start playing right away.

At CEDIA Expo this year, Residential Systems’ reviewer John Sciacca and CEO Alex Capecelatro are organizing the first-ever CEDIA Pickleball meet-up! What better way to kick off the Expo than to spend some time out in the beautiful Denver weather with some of your industry partners?

We’re hoping to draw around 40 interested players who will be mixed into 20 different teams of A (skilled) and B (beginner) players for round-robin play.

  • What will be provided: Logoed T-shirt, court time, balls, refreshments, prizes.
  • What you’ll need to provide: A paddle, appropriate attire, and a small entry fee (TBD).
  • What we need to know: How many people are interested in playing, and what day would work best for the majority? (Current thinking is either Tuesday, Sept. 2, or Wednesday, Sept. 3, before Expo begins, with a four-hour court time.)

If you’re interested, please email John at [email protected] and/or fill out this survey:

Pickleball at CEDIA Expo (

Hope to see you on the courts in Denver!