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GoldenEar Introduces T Series Speaker

The T66, the first model in GoldenEar's new T Series speakers, honors and shares several features with the critically acclaimed Triton Series.

GoldenEar’s T66 boasts an elegant cabinet designed for performance and beauty.

The T66 is the first model in GoldenEar‘s new T Series, on exhibit at CEDIA Expo 2023 at the Golden Ear booth (3925). While it boasts several significant refinements of the company’s time-tested design concepts, the T66 honors the critically acclaimed Triton Series, sharing a similarly tall, slender profile; built-in DSP-controlled subwoofer amplification; and a driver complement comprising GoldenEar’s High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT tweeter, cast-basket mid/bass units, quadratic planar radiators, and long-throw powered sub-bass section.

Several important cosmetic and sonic refinements distinguish the new T66 from previous GoldenEar speakers. These include a dramatically augmented crossover design, high-quality internal wiring, a new cast-aluminum base and metal grille, and, in addition to GoldenEar’s Gloss Black cabinet finish, a vibrant Santa Barbara Red.

Elegant Cabinet: Designed for performance and beauty, the T66’s tall, slender cabinet contributes to the speaker’s holographic imaging and is proportionately the strongest cabinet GoldenEar has ever made.

Reference AMT Tweeter: A powerful magnet and motor assembly, along with many other internal details, make this folded-planar-magnetic tweeter clean, clear, and very efficient. Critically finessed wool felt on the mounting plate and elsewhere minimizes diffraction and bounce distortions.

Crossover and Internal Wiring: GoldenEar’s most sophisticated crossover ensures flat, +9-octave frequency response. Bypass-caps subjected to AudioQuest’s proprietary PMO (Permanent Molecular Optimization) process bring unprecedented clarity. The T66 is internally wired with signal-preserving AudioQuest Perfect-Surface Copper+. The wire is also direction-controlled and employs a Carbon layer for maximizing RF-Noise Dissipation.

High-Definition Mid/Bass Drivers: Cast-basket mid/bass drivers employ Multi-Vaned Phase Plugs, improving drivers’ ability to produce exceptional off-axis response for a cinematic soundstage and immersive listening experience.

Long-Throw Quadratic Subwoofers: Optimized subwoofer arrangement (one high and one low on the cabinet) produces better coupling of sub drivers to the passive radiators for approximately 1dB additional output.

Quadratic Planar Back-Wave-Driven Radiators: Acoustically coupled to the subwoofers to deliver extended low-frequency response, improved low-frequency impact, and minimal distortion for surprisingly deep, well-controlled, room-filling bass.

BiWire Capable: Separate Bass and Treble binding posts enable BiWiring. Separate Treble and Bass cables significantly reduce current-modulation distortion in the Treble cable. For convenience, the speakers arrive with high-quality gold-plated PSC+ jumpers.

Robust, Efficient Subwoofer Amplifier: New-generation GoldenEar SuperSub-inspired DSP and amplification produces flat, extended frequency response for clean, articulate bass with low distortion.