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CES 2023: Living the Good Life With LG

LG unveiled its 97-inch LG Signature OLED M (model M3), the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology.

“Life’s Good” is more than just LG’s slogan — the company, as evidenced by Wednesday’s press conference at CES 2023 led by global CEO William Cho, also uses the phrase as the inspiration behind its product development. “Over the past three years, difficult times have allowed us to reaffirm the belief that the answer is always with our customers — our innovations start and end with them,” said Cho. “Life’s good is an earnest promise to our customers to live a better life.”

CES 2023 LG Press Conference

Some of the ways LG is making good on that promise is with its Life’s Good Award, which highlights ideas that make life better for people and the planet. There were 334 teams from 61 nations that entered the competition, and Cho announced the four finalists here: Solutum, dot, inc., Day1lab, and NONA Technologies.

Of course, LG has been working to improve its own sustainability, with a vow to use 600,000 tons of recycled plastics and recycle 8 million tons of ewaste by 2030.

In terms of new tech for its customers, LG unveiled its 97-inch LG Signature OLED M (model M3), the world’s first consumer TV with Zero Connect technology, which is a wireless solution capable of real-time video and audio transmission at up to 4K 120 Hz. LG’s wireless 4K OLED is the recipient of CES 2023 Innovation Awards in two categories.

In continuing the celebration of OLED’s 10th anniversary, LG also unveiled a transparent OLED (OLED T) that allows users to see through the screen when it is not in use or using the effect to create images such as a virtual aquarium or a rain scene.

On the home appliance front, LG announced the global launch of its LG ThinQ UP upgradeable devices, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, oven ranges, and dishwashers. Able to adapt to the unique needs and changing lifestyles of each customer, LG’s upgradable appliances enable users to enjoy new features and functions.

LG ThinQ UP appliances can incorporate new features throughout their life — providing more value to users over time. LG will continuously develop software updates and hardware add-ons, delivering specialized options and new conveniences based on the usage patterns and suggestions of ThinQ UP appliance owners.

Cho summed up the company’s accomplishments and product announcements by saying, “Innovation is not for its own sake, but for a better life. The smile in the LG logo is not there by accident. Those who believe life’s good, are the ones who will make it even better.”