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Case Study: At the Intersection of Form and Function

Vantage’s adorne and EasyTouch II keypads deliver sophisticated lighting control for an ultra-modern San Antonio home.

When creating a new home for an architect, aesthetics often take center stage. Such was the case when integrator Sterling Home Technologies and builder Evolutionary Homes teamed up on a project for Oscar Flores and his family. Located in San Antonio’s Anaqua Spring Ranch community, Flores drew up a modern masterpiece with an open design inside and out, clean lines, and a myriad of windows. In addition to housing his family, the marvel would also serve as a showcase for potential clients. Therefore every detail of the space needed to contribute to its slick, minimalist look, including technological elements with exposed controls. Primary among them: lighting. 


For lighting in his new home, Flores wanted a sophisticated but easy-to-use system with sleek and elegant controls. In addition, the system needed to feature the latest technology, with the ability to integrate with shading and AV systems to create one-touch scenic presets for the family. To meet both of these criteria, Sterling Home Technologies relied on solutions from Vantage Controls.

“Vantage Controls is our go-to lighting solution,” says Chris Edelen, president of Sterling Home Technologies. “Not only are the company’s products more reliable, but they offer advanced capabilities that really bring our clients’ homes to life. And when it comes to style, you can’t beat the adorne low-voltage keypads. This project was exciting because it was one of the first in the country to utilize them.”


Precise control over the home’s lighting is provided by Vantage Controls’ InFusion Controller II, in combination with four Universal Dimming Modules with current sensing for lighting sources of any type. The family interacts with their lighting system via adorne and EasyTouch II backlit modular keypads.

Vantage Controls’ adorne keypads offer a minimalist and sleek design inspired by modern technological devices. They are available in one-, three-, and six-button configurations to meet the requirements of any room; the Flores family’s keypads all feature six. Family members can select scenes incorporating lighting, shading, and AV with the push of a button, and control any of these elements individually with ease. The home’s EasyTouch II keypads are in one- and two-button configurations. All keypads automatically adjust backlighting based on the time of day and allow the family to see which scenes are active based on a customizable LED status color change.

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“Oscar couldn’t be more pleased with his home,” says Edelen. “He and his family love using the scenic presets and how simple to it is to change between them. And the sleek design of the adorne keypads is just what he was looking for in such a modern space. In fact, he was most impressed with the square design of the European version of the keypads. These weren’t available in the U.S., but Vantage Controls really came through in working with us to get them here to satisfy our client.”

List of Legrand | AV Residential Solutions used:

  • 4 x Universal Dimmer Module Terminal Kit
  • 1 x InFusion Secondary Power Enclosure, 2-module
  • 1 x EasyTouch II Keypad, 2-button
  • 1 x EasyTouch II Keypad, 1-button
  • 2 x TrimLine II Wall Plates
  • 1 x InFusion Main Power Enclosure, 2-module
  • 15 x adorne Keypads, 6-button
  • 15 x adorne Wall Plates
  • 4 x Universal Dimming Modules
  • 1 x InFusion Controller II

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