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Supporting the Support

Having directed a world-class technical support department in the past, I know that top-notch technical support organizations are geared toward solving their customers’ problems...


Pandora’s Box

Who would have thought that an internet radio service could change the CI business in America?


Change is Gonna Come

It was about 4:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon when I got a call from my human resources director requesting my presence in her...


Why You? Why Now?

Leveraging Your Competitive Advantages for Greater Success Shortly after the publication of my last article in Residential...


Old Business, New Game Plan

Tips For Finding New Business Among Existing Clientele Imagine someone standing in front of an empty wood stove, screaming and yelling because there’s no...


Learning to Sell, Again

Proactive Techniques Will Keep You In Control Of Your Business No matter where I’ve traveled this year, I hear a similar tune: “It’s not...


Become a Great Leader

Have you ever had a boss that you would be willing do anything for? I mean the type of leader that motivated you to...


Subtle Sales Sparks

Imagine how excited I was to hear that, as the new sales manager for a high-end audio manufacturer, I was invited to Japan to...


The Discounting Myth

If you are a custom installer who feels like our business is becoming commoditized, you are probably not alone. Mainly because of increased competition,...


Prying Away Sticky Fingers

My job as vice president of sales and marketing is to preserve Niles brand integrity. One way that I accomplish this is by identifying...


The Force of Ideas

I can still hear her now. Michael, whats the big idea?! Youve cut holes in the walls of every room of this house. Whats...

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