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Need a Remedy?

My daughter asks a lot of questions.

My daughter asks a lot of questions. Five-year olds tend to do that, and I can already tell that she’s going to be as smart as her mom and a lot smarter than her old man. Although I can usually offer an acceptable (and sometimes correct) answer, a few of the tougher ones have required the expediency of Google to get me off the hook.

After several of these recent iPhone-enabled searches, my daughter finally asked, “How does Google know the answer to everything?”

Google does, in fact, seem to know the right answer. But, in our highly specialized industry, there are often multiple, contradictory answers to the same question. That’s where we came up with the concept for this month’s special section, “10 Remedies for Common CI Challenges.” Our goal was to create a reference guide designed for custom installation veterans and novices alike. It’s a quick refresher and a credible “go to,” and something that you can share with colleagues and new staff.

We know you are busy, so we got right to the heart of the issues, and avoided the fluff. We tapped Residential Systems columnists, CEDIA instructors, and our own staff to address AV problems that we believe our industry tackles on a daily basis. We’re excited to share these strategies for success.

We start things off with “Creating a Reliable IP Network,” written by Chicago-area integrator and CEDIA instructor, Ben Komar. Although it seems like everything is going wireless these days, I agree with Komar that you should plan on a wired network first, then use wireless only where there is no wired option.

From there, we give RS columnist Gordon van Zuiden the floor to illustrate the importance of embracing the app movement in your custom installations. While, installing an iPad-controlled thermostat may not be very profitable, van Zuiden notes that the installation may lead clients to request iPad-controlled motorized window treatments, which can be very profitable.

My favorite Remedy comes from ihiji’s Michael Maniscalco, who provides the keys to “Selling Service Contracts with Teeth.” Maniscalco offers a lot of great suggestions, including one you might not have realized was so essential. “Titles are important,” he writes. “Thus, many integrators have found that they have had greater adoption rates when calling the service or maintenance contract something similar to a ‘Preferred Client Care Program.’ This provides the client with a sense of protection and security.”

Nothing against Google, but it’s little tidbits like these and many more from insightful Remedies such as, “Tackling Commercial Projects,” “Avoiding HDMI Headaches,” and “Finding the Ideal Subwoofer Location,” that you just can’t find that easily on the web. I hope you learn something new, like I did, and have a great 2012.

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