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From the Editor


Remember When…

The tech comes, the tech goes, but the memories and the feelings those experiences created remain.


The Lure of the Franchise

The attraction behind the concept of opening a business backed by a solid corporate entity that can cover all the knowledge the owner may...


Doing It Better

When a custom integration company takes over the role of another professional, it made the process — and the project — better.


A Tale of Two Shows

I recently had quite the week — starting it off in Dallas at CEDIA Expo 2022 and wrapping it up at the NY Comic...


Unfairly Maligned

Every trade upsells their clients — a practice that seems to be acceptable to the community at-large — so it feels unfair for CIs...


Buckle Up!

With lots of new product introductions and collaboration between major players, it is a good time to be in the custom installation business.


Hire Education

According to industry sources, the main problem we’re facing is finding qualified employees to add to our staffs.

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