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From the Editor


Unfairly Maligned

Every trade upsells their clients — a practice that seems to be acceptable to the community at-large — so it feels unfair for CIs...


Buckle Up!

With lots of new product introductions and collaboration between major players, it is a good time to be in the custom installation business.


Hire Education

According to industry sources, the main problem we’re facing is finding qualified employees to add to our staffs.


Plan, Then Plan Again

Switching plans always brings with it a level of stress and anxiety, but also gives us a creative opportunity to rise to the occasion.


Opening Up

Now is the time to think about what your business will look like as we navigate the new-yet-familiar post-pandemic world.


The Power of Patience

In this hunt for self-improvement, the thing that has had the biggest effect on how I live and work is the effort I put...


The New Essentials

For those of us in self-quarantine during this pandemic, we are learning who really are essential personnel in a true crisis.


How We Got Here

Whenever I get the opportunity to network with any industry pros — integrators, owners, marketers, product managers — I enjoy hearing their origin stories;...


Touchy Subject

For anybody growing up in the pre-cloud era, the physical interaction with our content was just as important as the viewing or listening to...


Listen Up!

While I continue to work on my presentation skills, what my blend-in persona has allowed me to do is to become a keen observer...


Taking on Amazon

Whether it is in their capacity as consumer electronics retailer or content producers, Amazon takes a good deal out of the markets, and the...

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