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From the Editor


Do It Yourself

The other day I listened to a radio interview with the original how to master, Bob Vila. Its hard to believe, but the PBS...


Tell Them a Story

Many of the best-selling brands in the world are successful because they had a compelling story to tell in their marketing. Perhaps one of...


HD on Main Street

My dad called me the other day from the home electronics department in his local Sears dealership. Apparently, there was a bargain on an...


All About Access

You may recall my revealing admission a couple of months ago regarding my DVR. Im not going to recant any of those statements this...


Slamming the Trunk

Each year that CEDIA EXPO is held in Indianapolis, I procure guest passes for my dad and a couple of his friends to attend...


Tracking Deposits

Too many custom installation businesses have gotten into the bad habit of collecting deposits that are too large, too early in their projects, then...


Dedicated to Design

One way to counteract increasing competition in your market is to sell products that feature superior industrial designs.


Gaining Experience

Last month, I attended ELAN Home Systems’ first ELAN TRIO Dealer Summit, an impressive event that brought together 400 of the manufacturer’s top dealers,...


Signs of New Life

After struggling through another frigid winter in the northeast United States, it was a great relief to notice the first flowers of spring blooming...


Keeping Score

Last month I attended the three-day CEDIA Management Conference where some of the top dealers in our industry converged in Huntington Beach, California, to...


After the Oscars

I'm a big fan of Oscar season. It's a fun time of year to be a movie fan. There's Billy Crystal and his inside...

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