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From the Editor


Embracing Service

One of the most important business challenges left for our channel to solve is how to derive profits from client services, as margins on...


Turning it Off

We took our family vacation a little earlier this summer because here in the Midwest most of the kids go back to school in...


Keeping Up to Date on IoT

I had never met anyone from Cyprus, the tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea tucked below Turkey and above Egypt, where the spoken language...


Alexa, My Weatherbot

My relationship with Alexa is complicated. On the one hand, she’s great at telling me the weather or setting a kitchen timer when I...


Hiring For Attitude

The next time you bring a job candidate in for an interview, consider this: he or she is probably better trained at being interviewed...


Embracing the Channel

Our world demands instant reactions to the news of the day. Last month’s CEDIA convention was no different, as people at nearly every stop...


Engaging Technology

As you walk the aisles of the CEDIA EXPO in Dallas this month, you’ll be bombarded with a combination of sights and sounds that...


The Power of Reps

Knowing that the independent sales rep organization, IPRO, would be holding its 2015 conference right before the CEDIA show in Dallas next month, I...


IoT Jumps the Shark

I’m still hip to this Internet of Things thang, but last month, for about one week, there was a huge amount of buzz about...


Color Coding

During last month’s Azione Unlimited buying group Spring Soiree in Nashville, TN, Peter Sieffert, from Swiss Avenue Partners in San Diego discussed how he...


Time for Xchange

I’m usually not a demanding person, but you really need to register for CEDIA’s Business Xchange Conference today.


CES Memories

CES has evolved greatly over the years to include more and more to include products that, while interesting, aren’t anything like products one would...


CEDIA 2014 Was a Relief

CEDIA celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, not by dwelling on the good-ol’ days with a lot of weepy sentimentality or overly rhapsodized reminiscing...


Born in a Small Town

It was a long way to go to watch a movie, but my trip from the suburbs of Indianapolis to the rural southern Indiana...

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