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Theater Design


The High-End Audio Artist

David Frangioni, owner of Audio One, tells how he does it all from professional recording studios to high-end home theaters and whole-house automation systems.


Giving Theaters Luxury Cred

Private theater professionals share a singular goal: To have the opportunity to provide our best efforts to as many appreciative clients as possible.


Selling High Performance

Recently, I attended a webinar about building sales techniques and strategies for selling high-performance video solutions for home theater projects.


How Big to Build It

A key principle of good private theater design is that function comes first but must be integrated with form.


Tools of the Trade

We may be unable to launch a massive public relations campaign to raise the world’s or even the industry’s perception of our specialty, but...


Effective Selling

Paradise Theater has had the privilege to work with integrators from many regions, who have provided lot of diverse feedback.

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