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Algolith Reports Record-Breaking Sales

The companys video enhancers delivered a prosperous November 2006, with sales figures predicted to be just as good for the first month of the new year.

Montreal, Quebec–Algolith, a developer of video image enhancement solutions, reports that it has had record-breaking sales of its Dragonfly, Mosquito, and Flea digital video enhancers for the month of November 2006, and reports that December sales of the three Home Theater processors are anticipated to be as good or better than Novembers numbers.

The November sales figures are said to be the best in Algoliths history. The company also has a rosy start to the new year, noting that purchase orders received to date for January delivery are double those for November, and are expected to significantly surpass Novembers pace.

Novembers record sales were fairly evenly distributed among Algoliths primary home theater products. However, earnings were strongest for the Mosquito Home Theater Video Enhancer, which reduces image noise on digital and HD video signals; then for the flagship Dragonfly Home Theater Processor/Scaler, which provides image quality significantly beyond anything now available; then for the Flea Digital Video Enhancer, a miniature processor that helps Home Theater enthusiasts significantly improve Standard and High Definition images.

“We have traction now, traction and momentum,” said Robert Young, Algolith vice president for sales & marketing. “The groundwork we laid in creating a broad network of dealers and representatives is showing results, and dealers who havent yet signed on will be missing opportunities. The prospects for expansion are strong.

“We have hot products that have benefited from considerable press coverage and good reviews,” continued Young. “Equally important, our dealers are happy to sell best-of-class products with unique problem-solving characteristics because theyre selling solutions that consumers understand.”

While the Dragonfly, the Mosquito, and the Flea all dramatically heighten image quality using proprietary Algolith technology, Algolith introduced enhanced versions of both the Mosquito and the Flea in 2006 that were newly equipped with HDMI inputs and outputs.

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