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AV NetResults Boasts 50 AV Dealer Clients

AV NetResults, an interactive marketing company for audio and video (AV) dealers, has launched online advertising campaigns for more than 50 AV dealers in less than six months. AV NetResults specializes in online search advertising in local markets for any size AV custom or retail-oriented dealer.

Unlike general interactive marketing companies, AV NetResults is 100-percent focused on the AV industry, which has propelled its client base quickly, according to the company. Client campaigns are designed to increase qualified traffic to a dealer’s website, resulting in more sales leads from Internet inquiries, phone calls, and showroom traffic.

An early client, Leon Soohoo, owner of Paradyme in Sacramento, California, commented on AV NetResults’ service, noting, “It’s a million times better than the yellow pages for less money.”

Concurrent with hitting its 50-client milestone, the company also announced the addition of a key individual to its team. Brendan Morrissey has joined as CEO, bringing with him over a decade of experience in interactive and online marketing. Prior to joining AV NetResults, Morrissey served in various executive roles at technology and marketing firms including Motricity, Sprint-Nextel, InternetConnect, KPMG Consulting, and others.

“When AV NetResults showed me the depth of their AV expertise and the results they were delivering for clients, my interest was immediately piqued,” Morrissey said. “As I analyzed the business, I concluded that any company delivering substantial increases in sales and return on investment to clients was one I wanted to be part of.”

The company also announced that Deborah Smith, president of the Deborah Smith Group and former executive director of AV dealer association PARA, is now working with AV NetResults to expand its market share with AV dealers.

“Knowing how specialized our industry is, I was fascinated by the speed with which AV NetResults acquired a ‘Who’s Who’ of AV clients nationally,” Smith said. “As I did my due diligence and talked to dealers, what excited me most was AV NetResults’ industry expertise and refined algorithms, which no generalist local search competitor can match. In an environment where traditional advertising isn’t producing results, this program helps dealers increase traffic with real qualified leads.”