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Beamr Addresses Consumer Satisfaction

Customer case study shows improvement in all key metrics of user experience after applying Beamr Video optimization

Beamr, the global leader in media optimization solutions, released the results of a case study performed by its customer M-GO, showing a significant improvement in user experience using Beamr Video optimization. In January 2015, M-GO, the premium digital streaming service and joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation, selected Beamr Video to provide consumers with an optimized streaming video experience. Just three months later, M-GO is able to deliver streaming videos with a shorter start time, less rebuffed events, and more importantly, a premium viewing experience.

“For M-GO, the three key metrics for streaming video user experience are video start time, rebuffer events, and quality of video,” said Samir Ahmed, M-GO’s chief technology officer. “After applying Beamr Video optimization, we witnessed impressive improvements in all three metrics. Rebuffer events were reduced up to 50 percent, start time decreased by up to 20 percent, and as a result of optimization, higher-quality layers became available at lower bandwidths, enabling many more of our viewers to watch 1080p and enjoy a Blu-ray-like experience.”

The full results of the M-GO case study analyzing the benefits of Beamr Video optimization can be downloaded here.

Beamr Video, showcased now at NAB show, booth #SU10425, South Upper Hall, is the only perceptual video optimizer available today, which reduces video bitrates by up to 50 percent, while retaining their full resolution and quality. This allows smoother streaming of high quality HD and 4K video, enabling content providers to deliver an exceptional viewing experience to their consumers across all devices.

“Beamr Video enables content providers like M-GO to successfully address the vital challenge of improving user experience, while at the same time reducing delivery costs,” said Sharon Carmel, Beamr’s CEO. “M-GO’s effort to deliver its customers the best possible experience is truly impressive. We value our ongoing relationship with M-GO and share the excitement of the excellent results achieved with Beamr Video.”

Guaranteeing a superior viewing experience has become the number one challenge for content providers today. The most recent Conviva user experience report indicates a worldwide repeated pattern where viewers “move swiftly from an unsatisfactory experience to find one that meets their expectations.” The report has found that 40 percent of users reduce their affinity for a service based on a single negative experience, and one in three users abandon the current provider as soon as they have an inferior experience.