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Bond Bridge Pro Now Compatible with Loxone

New Loxone driver adds integration for the Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-Wi-Fi control platform.

Olibra’s Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-Wi-Fi control platform is now compatible with Loxone, a popular European brand for building and home automation.

Loxone Smart Home

The Bond Bridge Pro brings intuitive and consolidated control to the many motorized window shades, awnings, pergolas, ceiling fans, and gas fireplaces at the home or business. Users manage these from within the Bond Home App (iOS and Android) and/or compatible home automation system. The App brings additional benefits such as scheduling and compatibility with virtual assistance platforms Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings Apps, and

Loxone is an Austria-based company that designs, develops, and sells lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), shading, and audio system solutions for the commercial and custom residential channels. Users interface with the Loxone ecosystem via the company’s smartphone app.

The Loxone engineering team has written a driver that allows for integration of the Bond Bridge Pro into the Loxone ecosystem. As the Loxone ecosystem is steeped in energy management, shading, wellness, climate, access and lighting solutions, the compatibility of Bond and Loxone makes for a more enjoyable and energy-efficient life within commercial and home environments.

Beginning April 2024, Loxone will host sales rep and dealer training sessions, with the Bond Bridge Pro added to its training curriculum.

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