Capitol Adds Syzygy Acoustics Subwoofers

Home Theater Subs Feature Room Calibration, EQ With Proprietary App
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Capitol is helping customers bring a bigger bottom end to their clients’ home entertainment systems with the addition of Syzygy Acoustics’ advanced wireless subwoofers, featuring smartphone/tablet control.

“The subwoofer market is well-populated, so it takes a special product line to stand out from the crowd,” said Curt Hayes, president and CFO, Capitol. “Syzygy does just that that by giving consumers a high-performance wireless sub with an intuitive app for tailoring the sound to suit their preferences and listening room.”

Syzygy Acoustics’ wireless subwoofers are designed to make it easy to tailor low frequency output with the Syzygy App. The app covers all the bases for subwoofer optimization, including advanced room correction using a smartphone’s built-in microphone, and the company’s SoundSculpt Technology that detects a room’s acoustic landscape and adjusts the subwoofer’s equalization and phase accordingly.

Capitol offers the complete line of four Syzygy Acoustics’ wireless subwoofers, including the SLF800 8-inch, 200W Sub, SLF820 8-inch, 400W Wireless Sub, SLF850 10-inch 1000W Wireless Sub, and SLF870 12-inch, 1200W Wireless Sub.

“Custom specialists are in the business of selling and installing systems that are several notches above off-the-shelf options, in every possibly way, from performance to usability and aesthetics,” Hayes said. “Syzygy is designed for this market.”