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Capitol Sales Redesigns E-Commerce Site

Architecture of distributor's e-commerce website to make it easier for customers to shop for products online.

St. Paul, MN–Capitol Sales Company has redesigned the architecture of its e-commerce website to make it easier and faster for customers to shop for products online.

“We were the first distributor in the electronics industry to offer extensive on-line ordering capabilities,” said Curt Hayes, president and CFO of Capitol Sales Company. “Now, we’ve taken our website to a whole new level, improving our dealers’ shopping experience through the use of Microsoft.NET’s software technology platform. It provides us with a robust, flexible and responsive IT architecture used by leading e-commerce retailers in other industries. It’s a perfect fit for taking our e-commerce to a higher level of performance, and ensuring that our dealers can quickly find and order product solutions and accessories.”

Capitol customers now have faster access to information including the ability to search by vendor name, product model, keyword or product category. Thumbnail sketches of products help dealers find products more quickly. Optional accessories for key items are more easily found with the new software technology, such as compatible telephones for telephone systems.

New features on Capitol Sales Company’s Web site include “New Products,” “Specials” and “Discounted Items” and can be seen directly on the home page and every page that comes up when dealers conduct a search, making it easy to check out new products and special offers from any page.

The transformed website,, provides immediate home page access to the product catalog. All product categories are listed conveniently in the left navigation bar of the site on every search and product page.

A new search engine allows dealers to find products by retail price or dealer price. The “breadcrumb” feature gives them an easy path to retrace their steps when looking for products rather than using the “back “button. After conducting a product search, thumbprint images appear on the results page so the user can quickly see what products are available. And, the order feature can be seen on each page to keep track of what’s been ordered. “We’ve made it quick and easy for a dealer to find a required item, order it and then resume their search,” Hayes explained.

Capitol Sales Company provides free UPS shipping for on-line orders delivered to customer business addresses, a feature many customers appreciate according to Hayes.