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Case Study: A Perfect Union Between Samsung Frame TV and MantelMount

Alpharetta, Ga.’s Home TheaterWorks creates a flush-mount solution for Samsung’s popular TV and MantelMount’s versatile wall mount.

There is an ongoing debate between interior designers, techies, homeowners, and builders about whether you should mount a television above a fireplace. One of the main arguments is that, aesthetically, it’s a design flaw to make the television the focal point of a room. Part of the reasoning behind this attitude is that the television, when not in use, is simply a blank screen offering no visual appeal.

Enter The Frame TV by Samsung. When not in operation, The Frame TV allows users to switch to Art mode and display personal photos or works of art on the screen. When the television is not in use, it is no longer a lifeless screen but, rather, a piece of artwork — personally selected by the homeowner — that will brighten up and beautify the installation.

MantelMount and Samsung Frame TV flush against wall

Seth Herold of Alpharetta, Ga.’s Home TheaterWorks has experience with The Frame TV. Herold — whose company specializes in the installation of smart devices including audio/video equipment, security systems, lighting, and motorized shades — recently mounted his first Frame TV. (The house in which The Frame was being mounted had been gutted as the result of a fire, and Herold was performing the installation as part of the rebuild.)

Herold mounted the customer’s Frame TV above their fireplace, which is a fairly popular mounting option, as the wall area above the fireplace is often the room’s only viable wall space.

If the mantel is low enough, the television can be mounted directly onto the wall. However, if the mantel is above a certain height, mounting The Frame TV above the fireplace will put it too high for optimal viewing (eye level is considered best). Not only can the viewer suffer neck strain, but it typically results in a loss of the best picture resolution.

MantelMount and Samsung Frame TV in lowered position

In this customer’s case, The Frame TV would be too high for ideal viewing keeping it slightly above the desired eye-level position. Consequently, a mount with the capability for vertical movement would be required to create the perfect viewing experience and best picture quality.

Enter the MantelMount MM860 motorized drop-down and swivel TV mount. The MM860 not only allows Herold’s customer to drop The Frame TV down to a more watchable height (it offers a 30-inch maximum drop), but it adds to the overall aesthetic of the installation. What’s more, the MantelMount’s MM860 provides the customer with a list of features that increase both convenience and safety, including:

  • Simultaneous drop and swivel that allows the mount to lower and swivel the TV in one fluid motion
  • Control through most popular home automation systems as well as the included remote
  • Heat sensors that automatically raise The Frame back to its resting position if the temperature reaches 110 degrees
  • Plug & play networking allows for quick and easy programming

Home TheaterWorks worked directly with the builders as they were framing the new structure. According to Herold, his team wasn’t going to be installing The Frame TV for another five months, but they put together a game plan to ensure they were all on the same page.

The installation of the MM860 turned out well, no surprise given that Herold had installed at least 10 of them prior to the current project. However, the connection between The Frame TV and the mount left about an inch-and-a-half gap between the back of the television and the wall after Herold mounted it.

“The customer’s main objective is that, in the ‘up’ position, The Frame TV needs to look like a picture, with no gap between the back of the television and the wall,” says Herold. “They’ve bought a very high-end television and, understandably, they want the install to be perfect down to the last detail. Having the television completely flush to the wall falls into that category.”

MantelMount and Samsung Frame TV at eye level

Herold met with the builder and relayed the plan to build out a recess and to frame out the area behind the bracket deep enough to accommodate The Frame TV’s tricky back mount. Inside the cutout Herold also employed an oversized recess box to house the mounting arm of the MM860.

“We consulted with the engineers at MantelMount and figured out a way to make an opening big enough to accept the backing of the MM860 so it would pull right up to the wall,” Herold states. “In the future, we’ll know what to tell a builder if we’re putting in a Frame TV on a MantelMount unit.”

In fact, armed with the knowledge of how to execute a perfect Frame TV install using the MM860, Herold says that Home TheaterWorks has sent out quotes for a number of similar projects.

Herold adds that, although the installation could have been accomplished without a MantelMount motorized mount — or even a manual pulldown version — the customer had fallen in love with the automated device.

“The mantel wasn’t very high, and it’s possible that the television could have been mounted directly to the wall,” he says. “But it would not have been perfectly at eye level and would have impacted both comfort and picture quality, though to a lesser degree than other installations. But regardless of the need, the customer had discovered the MantelMount product and felt they absolutely had to have it. There was a coolness factor that really struck him.”

Of course, by using the MantelMount, the positioning of The Frame TV during viewing is now perfect, not merely “close.” What’s more, the swivel capability of the mount is quite useful, as the room has two separate seating areas in the television room; depending on where the viewer is seated, the mount automatically lowers and swivels to accommodate their sightlines.

Herold sang the praises of the MantelMount, indicating his belief that The Frame TV and MantelMount make a great match. “There’s no question that The Frame TV has some unique mounting issues, regardless of which company’s mount is used,” he says. “But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the MM860 is a great fit for The Frame TV and will result in a slick installation that gives the customer all kinds of control.”

The combination of The Frame TV and MantelMount has not only made Herold a believer but a buyer as well.

“I’ve got a Frame TV over each of the two fireplaces in my own home,” Herold concludes. “Now that I’ve seen what the MantelMount unit can do, I’m going to be using it to mount both televisions.”