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CES 2024: Samsung Announces 2024 TV and Audio Lineup

Includes its latest Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, OLED, Lifestyle, and MICRO LED displays.

Samsung has announced its 2024 TV and audio lineup – including its latest Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, OLED, Lifestyle, and MICRO LED displays at CES 2024. The newest Samsung innovations will be on display during CES 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #19608.

Enhanced Neo QLED 8K + Neo QLED 4K Picture Quality

The new Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs deliver lifelike picture quality, premium audio, and a rich array of apps and services. At its core, the 2024 Neo QLED 8K is designed with the most innovative Samsung TV processor yet: the NQ8 AI Gen3. It has a neural processing unit (NPU) that is twice as fast as that of its predecessor, with eight times the neural networks (from 64 to 512) so that everything on screen is displayed in crisp detail.

Samsung NEO QLED 9K - 2024

The Neo QLED 8K lineup improves picture quality and brings a suite of enhanced features, including:

  • 8K AI Upscaling Pro (QN900D only): Leverages NQ8 AI Gen3 for enhanced 8K upscaling, sharpening low resolution content so that it is displayed in ultra-high resolution.
  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro: Automatically detects the type of sport you’re watching and uses deep learning to help you visually track fast moving objects likes baseball and footballs on screen with crystal clarity.
  • Real Depth Enhancer Pro: Uses AI to detect the parts of a scene on which the human eye would naturally focus, bringing them to the foreground. Images appear more lifelike with more detail, even in fast-moving scenes, thanks to maximized mini LED controls.
  • Infinity Air Design: Complements the TV’s picture quality with a screen only 12.9mm in depth for an immersive viewing experience. The unique mirror effect on the stand makes the TV appear as if it’s floating.

The performance of the Neo QLED 8K display is complemented by its enhanced audio quality featuring:

  • 2024 Q-Symphony: A technology that synchronizes your compatible soundbar with your TV, or projector, and wireless speakers for a perfect audio experience.
  • Active Voice Amplifier Pro: A proprietary AI dialog booster that utilizes exclusive deep-learning technology to significantly enhance dialog and voices on screen. It separates voices from mixed audio, enhancing voice clarity so it’s easy to follow the conversation at any volume.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs will be available in sizes up to 98 inches, and are joined by a refreshed Neo QLED 4K lineup spanning sizes for 43 to 98 inches. In 2024, Samsung will offer its largest portfolio of ultra-large screen sizes ever.

More OLED Options to Complement Your Preferences

The 2024 OLED TV portfolio builds on the legacy of last year’s models, starting with its refreshed flagship S95D series. It offers a high-detail, high-frame rate and intensely vibrant video display in sizes up to ultra-large 77 inches models. The display is even brighter than before, delivering deep and rich blacks, as well as AI-enhanced color accuracy so pure that it’s Pantone Validated.

Samsung is also introducing the industry’s first “OLED Glare Free” technology — specifically designed for the S95D series. It preserves color accuracy and reduces reflections, while maintaining image sharpness to ensure an immersive viewing experience, even in daylight. The OLED-optimized, low-reflection technology uses a new, specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern to deliver the beautiful detail of OLED without the glare.

In addition to being the brightest OLED screen from Samsung yet, it also features high refresh rates of up to 144 Hz, so sports fans and gamers can enjoy seamless motion and crystal-clear action on their screens.

New Lifestyle Products to Enrich Every Lifestyle

Samsung is also expanding its lifestyle lineup that includes The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, The Terrace, and The Freestyle, with a reaffirmed commitment to “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All.” These new additions provide another level of customization designed to deliver personalized experiences and designs to fit your unique space and setup:

  • The Frame: Already the best-selling lifestyle screen product from Samsung, The Frame comes with new enhancements to boost the art experience. Now with over 2500 artworks from world-renowned museums and galleries in the Art Store, users can enjoy an enhanced Art Store experience. The Frame’s new art streaming feature gives viewers a taste of the Art Store’s diverse collection by providing them with free hand-selected artworks monthly. Moreover, the 2024 edition of The Frame helps reduce energy costs with the variable refresh rate adjustment available in Art Mode.
  • The Premiere 8K Projector: The Premiere 8K offers wireless connectivity. Removing the need for cables, this solution allows you to keep your living spaces neat and tidy. The ultra-short throw projector comes packed with smart features — such as picture-off premium home audio, cloud gaming, always-on voice with far-field mic and four multi-view screen splits — to extend usability and provide almost increased use cases. The projector incorporates Samsung’s patented “Sound-on-Screen” technology, integrating the top speaker module and software algorithms for an immersive sound experience.


With the new Transparent MICRO LED, Samsung is showing the world that there are infinite possibilities for screens. This new display, which looks like a piece of transparent glass, boasts an extremely small MICRO LED chip and precision manufacturing process that eliminates seams and light refraction. This allows the transparent MICRO LED to create a clear, unobstructed picture for various use cases in both homes and business environments.

Touting a modular design that allows viewers to personalize the shape, size, and ratio of screens to fit any space, MICRO LED is an innovative screen technology. Samsung’s years of research and development — stemming from its semiconductor expertise — have led to an extremely effective process, allowing LED chip operation circuits to be directly deposited on the glass and thereby mitigating the loss of brightness that users may experience with conventional displays.

The Transparent MICRO LED joins the larger portfolio of MICRO LED screens available from Samsung.

Immersive Audio with New Soundbars and Speakers

The expanded 2024 Samsung audio lineup offers updated models that deliver even more immersive experience bolstered by advanced AI algorithms.

Samsung MusicFrame
  • Music Frame: With inspiration from The Frame, this customizable speaker seamlessly blends into its environment by camouflaging as a modern picture frame that can display art or photography. It features built-in woofers along with intelligent audio processing for a premium audio experience. Using Q-Symphony technology, it provides surround sound when paired with 2024 Samsung TVs and soundbars or can operate as a standalone wireless speaker.
  • HW-Q990D: This flagship soundbar features an 11.1.4-channel configuration, immersive Dolby Atmos sound and supports pass through of content in up to 4K 120 Hz. It analyzes audio and uses AI to optimize sound for the perfect experience across a wide range of content.
  • HW-S800D: This ultra-thin, 1.6-inch-deep soundbar is designed to fit seamlessly into any space and provides rich and immersive sound. The S800D has 10 drivers, including dedicated overhead speakers and a center channel for crystal-clear vocals. The combination of a deep bass subwoofer and a passive radiator also enhances the listening experience with deep, distortion-free bass in a compact form factor.

2024 Tizen OS

A newly refreshed 2024 Tizen OS brings content front and center in a fresh, clean layout. It offers a personalized experience with the ability to create and seamlessly access different Samsung accounts on 2024 smart TVs. Now, different members of each household with a Samsung Smart TV can set up a profile for personalized recommendations and a more customized overall experience.

Samsung Now+ OS
  • Samsung TV Plus: The updated user interface (UI) includes a new home screen that features hundreds of free TV channels and thousands of shows and movies on demand, with new dedicated experiences – Kids and Music – for faster content discovery. The service will also connect Samsung Accounts to enable seamless connectivity to their favorite channels and content while offering tailored suggestions based on what they like to watch.
  • ‘‘Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” Controller: Samsung has partnered with gaming accessory provider Performance Designed Products (PDP) to develop the first “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” controller, set to be launched at CES 2024. PDP’s new wireless controller includes a built-in, rechargeable battery that provides up to 40 hours of playtime per charge, a 30-foot low-latency Bluetooth wireless connection, a Samsung Gaming Hub home button capable of launching Gaming Hub, an easy-to-use TV volume control button and more.

Connected, Inclusive Experiences with the Samsung Ecosystem

With Samsung TVs at the center of the home, users can experience the latest innovations and enjoy seamless connectivity between devices in their day-to-day life. In 2024, Samsung will further improve its connected experience with Samsung Daily+6, a hub for in-home activity. It provides a wide range of services and features — from personal training and telehealth to video calls and remote PC solutions — in one single interface. New features include the following:

  • Workout Tracker: This free service7 puts real-time exercise data — such as workout duration and heart rates from wearable devices — on top of users’ content on Samsung screens to keep them both entertained and informed while working out at home.
  • TechnoGym: Enhances your home workout with high-quality fitness and wellness videos from the world-class instructors at TechnoGym. Discover these curated contents for maximum performance, only on Samsung TV.
  • F45: Users can work out and join intensive in-studio training at one of F45’s 3000+ studios worldwide.
  • FlexIt: Live one-on-one sessions with top fitness and wellness professionals.
  • Tail: Enables real-time video consultation with a vet in the comfort of users’ homes. From basic care tips to advanced advice, Dr.Tail has a range of questions covered. Users can connect with veterinary experts in real time whenever they need.
  • Multi Control: Allows a more efficient work from home experience by giving users control of all their screens — including compatible TVs, smartphones, and monitors — with a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. Experience a different way to work by copying and pasting, reading documents and more across devices.

Samsung’s latest 2024 TVs and screens also come with greater compatibility across various devices within the ecosystem, allowing a more integrated connection between TVs and smartphones or wearable devices for a greater level of customization, accessibility, and convenience.

  • Mobile Smart Connect: All the new featured apps and services are easily controlled with the SmartThings Mobile Plugin, which transforms your smartphone into a multi-functional remote that offers users greater control over their screens. With a straightforward pop-up interface and a customizable UI, the app provides convenience and enhanced accessibility.
  • 360 Audio: The audio feature, previously offered on Galaxy devices, has also expanded to Samsung TVs and screens. Now, compatible Samsung Galaxy Buds can seamlessly connect to TVs to deliver spatial audio for movies, shows, and even gaming titles, so users can be truly immersed in visual content and gameplay.

The latest TV and screen lineup also boasts enhanced accessibility offerings, including:

  • Audio Subtitles: This on-device TV feature uses AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to provide a voice guide for embedded subtitles in real-time.
  • Remote for Barrier Free: An app designed for users with visual, auditory, or physical disabilities that offers more thoughtful TV control via smartphones. The highly customizable app incorporates UI enhancements such as intuitive button placement, distinct colors, and tactile feedback, while also integrating Samsung’s latest accessibility features such as voice guides for easy access right from the smartphone.
  • Relumino Together Mode: Relumino Mode is a feature that enables people with low vision to enjoy their favorite TV shows, movies and games without the need for wearable hardware. With AI technology dynamically outlining the edges of on-screen elements and rebalance colors, the feature enables users with low vision to more clearly see people and objects. The new Relumino Together Mode provides standard screens and Relumino Mode screens side-by-side, so those with low vision and their families can enjoy TV together.

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