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CES 2024: Trends to Watch

As it does each year, CTA gives a sneak peek into the current trends and innovations that will be seen on the show floor throughout CES.

On Sunday evening, hundreds of CES 2024 media attendees filed into the “CES Trends to Watch” session hosted by Jessica Boothe, director, research, CTA, and Brian Comiskey, director, thematic programs, CTA. As it does each year, CTA gives a sneak peek into the current trends and innovations that will be seen on the show floor throughout CES, as well consumer impressions of new technology taken from the association’s research.

CES 2024 Trends to Watch
CTA’s Brian Comiskey, director, thematic programs, and Jessica Boothe, director, research, host the “CES Trends to Watch” session. Photo by John Staley.

Here are some of the major trends featured at CES 2024:

Artificial Intelligence

While generative AI has been the subject of intense consumer and enterprise excitement, the AI ecosystem is more expansive ranging from chips, platforms, digital twins, and robots.

In terms of consumer impressions of AI, 44 percent of all U.S. adults familiar with AI believe it already has had an impact or will have an impact within a year on their daily lives (Source: CTA’s Decoding Consumer Sentiment and Outlook on AI, September 2023).


CES is a major showcase for the innovations developed and targets set by companies to reduce emissions via improved energy efficiency, responsible recycling and alternative materials and power breakthroughs.

Four in five (89 percent) of U.S. adults report it is important to recycle technology products such as TVs, computer monitors, and cell phones (Source: CTA’s Consumer Technology Recycling and Reuse Study 2023).


Like artificial intelligence and sustainability, inclusivity represents a horizontal trend that is cutting across every industry and technology vertical to ensure designs that are inclusive and accessible to all. BCG reports that companies that have a diverse management team see 19 percent higher revenue due to greater innovation.

Additional Themes at CES 2024

  • Digital Health: Digital Health will become more personalized, accessible, and intelligent, allowing digital health’s impact to expand further. Two-thirds of U.S. adult women feel that digital health care is the future of health care (Source: CTA’s The Future of Women’s Digital Health Solutions, October 2023).
  • Mobility: This sector encompasses advanced technology-driven transportation solutions on land, sea, and air, with nearly 300 exhibitors rolling up to CES 2024 with concept cars, infotainment systems, electric vehicles, autonomous mobility, and more. Top value propositions for purchasing an EV (among current EV and those considering and EV) appeals on a deeper, emotional level. Emotional Values include Financial Responsibility (40 percent), Safety (20 percent), and Peace of Mind (19 percent). (Sources: CTA’s Exploring Electric Vehicle Purchase Motivations and Aftermarket Opportunities, October 2023; CTA’s Decoding Consumer Sentiment and Outlook on AI, September 2023)
  • Human Securities Tech: CES 2024 features technologies that are empowering human securities beyond the environment such as market access tools to bolster economic security, smart community technologies to improve community safety, and farm-to-table innovation to better food security.