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Case Study: The Ultimate Sports Fan Sanctuary

Crimson LED Experts Group assists Indianapolis-based Intelligent Living Solutions with their first dvLED installation.

What if you could turn your dream home into a reality? That’s exactly what one Indianapolis couple did when they built a new three-story, 14,000-square foot-house in the exclusive Holliday Farms neighborhood. The home features include a lower-level entertainment space (think ultimate walk-out basement overlooking a Pete Dye golf course) with a pool, hot tub, two bars, a gym, a bourbon room, and a state-of-the-art theater featuring technology from Crimson’s LED Experts Group.

Case Study – Crimson AV - Home Theater Full

The homeowner is an avid sports fan, who is passionate about Sunday football — especially the Indianapolis Colts and regular NBA basketball games played by the Indiana Pacers. The home’s dedicated theater means they’ll never miss a key play. It is also a space where the entire family can indulge in streaming movies and regular shows. The theater is controlled using Loxone technology, which also controls the theater’s lights, sound, and starfield ceiling.

Challenge and Solutions

Project timelines are sometimes a moving target, but, in the case of this luxury home, the target installation date was specific — and less than a month. One of the biggest challenges the home’s design team faced was integrating a display that could deliver exceptional visual performance on a tight production timeline. The client’s desire for the perfect home theater experience, especially for watching sports, demanded a state-of-the-art display that would not compromise on quality, clarity, or size. While projection was a consideration, the project called for something more unique. Ultimately dvLED was chosen for its immersive qualities and significantly increased value and appeal for luxury homebuyers.

Case Study – Crimson AV - Head On

The Technology

Crimson’s LED Experts Group was chosen to provide the solution by the residential integration firm Intelligent Living Solutions. After a thorough evaluation of various display options, they selected a 1.25mm Mini LED Display that could be controlled by Loxone home automation as the perfect pairing.

Key Features of the 1.25mm Mini LED Display

  • Large Screen Size: The display was customized to be approximately 12 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall, making it an imposing centerpiece for the home theater.
  • Vivid Colors: The Mini LED technology provided rich, vibrant colors and exceptional contrast, enhancing the sports and streaming viewing experience.
  • Low Latency: To cater to the client’s live sports event’s needs, the display featured minimal latency, ensuring synchronized audio and video.
  • High Resolution: With a pixel pitch of 1.25mm, the Mini LED display offered sharp and clear visuals, ensuring that every detail of the sports action would be captured with precision.
Case Study – Crimson AV - Unfinished

Additionally, the Loxone platform-powered smart home is entirely automated, enabling effortless control of the entertainment area with a single touch. Press the “Entertain” button, and the automation system adjusts the lighting, activates the display, regulates the temperature, manages the shades, and prepares the theater.


The LED Experts Group employs a basic fact-finding and needs analysis process. It begins with a deep understanding of the objectives of the end user. This is followed by a determination of the space available and size of display desired. With all LED, it is critical to know the “average” viewing distance so the most effective pixel pitch can be quoted. Armed with this information, the LED Experts Gorup reached out to its list of vetted partners to ascertain the best quality, price, and deliverability. The goal was to provide the best overall value (quality and price) for the Intelligent Living Solutions team.

Case Study – Crimson AV - Remote

The biggest challenge faced early on was the delivery date required by the client. Due to the custom nature of LED displays, manufacturing lead times for most displays are at best several weeks. The timeline for this project was tight and the Intelligent Living Solutions team didn’t want the display to sit at the job site for too long, fearing it might get damaged.

The Crimson AV team worked closely with the vendor and the Intelligent Living Solutions team to coordinate the delivery so that it would be on-site on the day of the installation. To make this happen, Crimson AV brought the display to its warehouse in Illinois and staged it, keeping it ready to ship until the word was given. Once Crimson was given the green light, it shipped the same day, and it arrived on time to meet the project schedule.

Crimson’s LED Expert Group worked closely with Intelligent Living Solutions to seamlessly integrate the 1.25mm Mini LED display into the home theater. The installation was carried out with meticulous precision to optimize the viewing angles and ensure that the display seamlessly blended with the room’s aesthetics.

Case Study – Crimson AV - Corner

“Luxury home buyers want a home with high-end finishes, and this dvLED is a unique feature that most people don’t see in a residential application,” says Dan Killinger, owner, Intelligent Living Solutions. “As our first foray into dvLEd, we appreciate having Crimson’s LED Experts Group walk us through the LED buying process and for being very consultative to achieve this spectacular project.”


The integration of the 1.25mm Mini LED Display into the home’s theater space yielded remarkable results with an immersive sports experience. The client’s dream of having a dedicated sports sanctuary and media room was fully realized using cutting-edge technology. The high resolution and vivid colors of the Mini LED display create an incredible viewing experience, making it feel like you’re in the stadium. The display also proves versatile for streaming movies, gaming, and hosting live events, making it the ultimate entertainment hub. The sleek design and large screen size of the Mini LED display added a touch of luxury to the home theater space, enhancing its overall aesthetics. The dream home at Holliday Farms is a world-class home theater that caters to sports fans and cinephiles alike.

Project Notes

Name of Project/Area: Holliday Farms/Indianapolis Dream Home

Location: Zionsville, IN

Start Date: July 2023

Completion Date: August 2023

Project Value: $102,990

Project Partners:

  • Integrator: Intelligent Living Solutions – Dan Killinger
  • Manufacturers Rep: AWA Reps – Andy Spolar
  • Home Automation Manufacturer: Loxone

Pictures and Videos: Provided by TR22 Photography