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Resimerical Case Study: DP Radiance dvLED Helps Land High-Profile Commercial Job

Residential integrator Osbee Industries creates an LED video wall for a dining area at Moynihan Train Hall using Digital Projection’s technology.

For more than two decades Osbee Industries, headquartered in Harrison, N.Y., with a second office in West Palm Beach, Fla., has focused primarily on designing and installing integrated systems in luxury residences throughout the U.S. However, “there are certain specialty projects we find interesting and will opt to bid on,” says Osbee founder and president Dave Raines. One of these was for an LED video wall for a dining area at Moynihan Train Hall.

Case Study - Digital Projection - Osbee - Moynahan Train Station
Photo courtesy of Dan Georgescu / Cardone Solomon & Associates.

The requirements of the display were fairly straightforward: A super-size screen affixed to a wall where it would present a variety of content — from live-streaming sports broadcasts to the current drink specials and menu items. Images would be viewed up close and at a distance from multiple vantage points and angles. The display would need to maintain brightness and clarity despite high levels of ambient light. Positioned at standing eye-level, it would need to withstand an occasional bump or touch from frequent passersby.

Osbee’s choice: a 191-inch 1.2mm pitch Digital Projection Radiance dvLED display with CrystalView protective coating. Also vital to the success of the project, says Raines, was DP’s high level of tech support. “A tech from DP came to the jobsite to assist with the installation of the display so we were able to focus on the configuration and connection of a quad splitter from Crestron,” says Raines. “This helped streamline the process tremendously.”

Although this high-profile installation might have been slightly outside Osbee’s typical everyday project, it proves that anything is possible with the right products, service, and support.

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