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CEA, ASHA Promote Safe Listening

The two organizations are developing an online resource to inform young children, parents, and educators about the possible long-term effects of using portable music players.

Arlington, VA–The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has collaborated with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) to educate consumers of all ages on the safe use of personal audio technology. The effort will focus on the development of ASHAs web site,, an online resource for young children, parents, and educators to inform them about the possible long-term effects of improper usage of devices such as MP3 players and portable DVD players.

Portable entertainment devices are among the most popular consumer electronics products across all age groups. Safe use of these devices is a must for their continued enjoyment, said CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro. Hearing loss prevention has been an important issue for CEA for a number of years. Were pleased to join together with ASHA to broaden the scope of our outreach for this important message.

ASHA is the national professional, scientific and credentialing association for more than 127,000 speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech and hearing scientists. Their campaign America: Tuned in TodayBut Tuned out Tomorrow? is an award-winning public education campaign designed to educate consumers about the risk of hearing loss associated with unsafe use of personal audio devices. The kid-friendly Buds web site features interactive games for children to play while learning about safe listening.

CEA recommends a few simple steps for all consumers when using personal audio devices. First, consumers should set their volume control at a low setting and slowly increase the sound until they can hear it comfortably and clearly, without distortion. Once they have established a comfortable sound level, set the dial and leave it there. Headphones or earphones that are noise-canceling or sound-isolating can also help, so that consumers dont have to raise the volume to compete with outside noises.

CEAs goal is to keep consumers listening for a lifetime. Once consumers understand the potential risks associated with improper use of personal audio devices, protecting their hearing is easy, said Shapiro. Thats why were so excited to join ASHA on this public education campaign.

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