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CEDIA Benchmarking Survey is Now Open

The first portion of the 2015 CEDIA Benchmarking Survey, which collects data on staffing, benefits and compensation, is now open.

The first portion of the 2015 CEDIA Benchmarking Survey, which collects data on staffing, benefits and compensation, is now open. The second part of the survey, covering finance, project management, and marketing, will open April 7.

The CEDIA Benchmarking Survey is an annual study on the business performance and operations of home technology professional companies in the U.S. and Canada. The study identifies benchmarks, trends, and best practices.

Benchmarking Survey participants are provided with valuable information that will help them learn how to keep their business productive, efficient, and competitive. Each participant receives a complete copy of the report as well as a customized report that compares their company against the industry median, companies of similar size, and the most profitable companies.

If home technology professionals were to seek out this kind of report on their own it would cost between $1,500 and $2,500, but both member and non-member companies receive this report at no cost just for participating. Participants also receive a selection of follow up materials to help them implement their customized action plan.

Additional participation benefits include: access to the CEDIA EXPO 2015 Benchmarking course, access to the Benchmarking webinar, and a 10% discount off 2016 CEDIA membership dues. Companies that participate in the survey over multiple years will receive an additional customized trend report.

Participants can complete the survey in about 30 minutes if they send in their Financial Statements (income statement & balance sheet) to CEDIA’s confidential project vendor with the rest of their survey rather than filling that information out.

Profit Planning Group, an independent consulting services firm, will conduct all facets of the survey. CEDIA staff and leadership will not have access to individual company information at any time, and will receive only a summary of the findings. Survey findings will not include company names or any information that could be used to identify participants. Customized reports will be mailed directly from Profit Planning Group.

Both member and non-member home technology professional and installation companies in the U.S. and Canada may participate in the CEDIA Benchmarking Survey. Participants have until March 13, 2015 to complete the first portion of the survey and until May 15, 2015 to complete the second portion of the survey.

For more information about the CEDIA Benchmarking Survey or to participate, click here