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Connect 4 A/V Showplace Opens Soon

The new Connect 4 showplace in South Florida is slated to open within weeks.

Union City, CA–The new Connect 4 showplace in South Florida–slated to open within weeks–combines home building, interior design, entertainment and automation by four A/V companies.

The 6,700-square-foot center is scheduled to open its doors to the Miami Beach community in the second half of April. Connect 4 is located at 3886 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami, Florida.

Runco dealer Audio Command Systems will unveil its home theater in the design center, which features the VX-1000d high-definition projector and CW-50 flat panel display.

Audio Command Systems is joined by three other companies in carrying out Connect 4s concept. Interior decorator XO Designs integrated the various audio/video systems and furnishings with the living space; general contractor Kamper Contracting provides furniture and custom-shaped pieces made from wood, metal, and other materials; and SE Realty, whose client base of athletes and entertainers overlaps with Connect 4s target audience.

Runco Internationals video technology is ideally matched for a venue like Connect 4,” stated Bob Hana, president of Runco International. “We design our projectors and plasma monitors to provide more than an exceptional picture, they function in tandem with virtually any other entertainment and control system.

The Connect 4 design center contains a number of home settings, including a living room, family room, and bathroom, which demonstrate the latest trends in entertainment and comfort.