Crestron Launches Color Match Service

Roller Shades Now Available in Any Color to Match Décor
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Crestron has launched an exclusive Color Match service, allowing Crestron motorized roller shades to be available in any color that customers desire by providing a Pantone color code or physical color sample.

Crestron’s motorized roller shades are envisioned to add more than just comfort and convenience to a home’s lighting solution; they are also designed with aesthetics in mind. However, choosing the right color for shades can be a cumbersome task, as offered colors and patterns may not visually work with a particular home’s design scheme. Color Match aims to allow clients to personalize their shades to match, complement, or define their décor.

“The technology behind our motorized shades is obviously important, but too often people lose sight of the key role that aesthetics play,” said Charlie Derk, technology manager at Crestron. “Making a product 1 decibel quieter or 10 percent faster doesn’t always resonate with the end users who ultimately purchase our shading solutions. But with Crestron Color Match, our shades can now seamlessly integrate with any décor.”