CTA Names 2017 CT Hall of Fame Inductees

Twelve Industry Leaders Join the Ranks
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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the new class of inductees into its 2017 Consumer Technology (CT) Hall of Fame. The CT Hall of Fame, created in 2000, honors the leaders who advance innovation and have built the foundation for the technologies, products, and services that continue to improve consumers' lives and better our world. 

Among the inductees is longtime publisher of Residential Systems’ sister publication, TWICE, Marcia Grand. Grand was honored in the Industry Enhancement category as a pioneer for women executives in the tech industry.

"The CT Hall of Fame celebrates excellence in our industry," said CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro. "This year's distinguished class includes innovators who created the Segway; the print-to-speech reading machine for the blind; and varying MPEG video compression standards; business executives who launched unique cell phone service and revolutionary smartphones; and the first high-powered/low-distortion audio amplifier. In addition, a nationwide wireless distributor, a retailer who grew nine stores into 6,500, an influential publisher and even a former CTA chairman, current congressman, and co-founder of the largest vehicle anti-theft device company are part of this exceptional group."

The 2017 class also includes two teams who combined efforts to better the industry: 


Dean Kamen, FIRST, Segway 

Ray Kurzweil, Google 


Arlene Harris, GreatCall

Mike Lazardis, BlackBerry/RIM


Mitch Mohr, Celluphone

Charles Tandy, Tandy/Radio Shack

Industry Advancement

Darrell Issa, Congressman, Directed Electronics

Marcia Grand, TWICE

Team: Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione/Dr. Hiroshi Yasuda, JPEG/MPEG 

Team: Frank McIntosh/Gordon Gow, McIntosh Laboratory

The inductees were selected by a panel of media and industry professionals who judged the nominations submitted by manufacturers, retailers, and industry journalists.