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D-BOX Debuts Quest Loveseat

D-BOX Technologies Inc., has added to its patented line-up of motion simulator products with the introduction of the Quest Loveseat.

Longueuil, Quebec, Canada–D-BOX Technologies Inc has added to its patented line of motion simulator products with the introduction of the Quest Loveseat. An affordable alternative to their patented, award-winning Odyssee motion simulator products, Quest seating integrates a two-axis motion simulator system into a reclining theater chair or loveseat.

The introduction of the Quest loveseat offers users additional options in configuring the seating in their home theater, including a solution for those tight on space and seating with ample room for two that shaves more than a foot (in width) off of the space needed for two single Quest chairs placed side by side.

Motion simulation provides dramatic, realistic motion that is synchronized with the onscreen action and sound. Quest chairs and loveseats integrate a pair of direct-drive SynDrive motorized Actuators (mounted into the rear of the arms) and a front center pivot point that move and lift the seating with up to 2Gs of acceleration to transform you from mere viewer to participant. D-BOX spends an average of two weeks encoding a single movie with their proprietary F/X motion codes and its library of over 500 movie titles grows at the rate of about 10-12 titles per month.

Quest seating can be controlled two ways–with the Series 3 340c Kinetron controller, or with a PC3 Motion Controller Interface (MCI) and PC-based software. Either control system allows for connection of up to four Quest chairs or loveseats, or any combination thereof. Both offer Internet subscription updates to the growing collection of D-BOX F/X motion codes, and include D-BOX’s complete F/X Motion Code library, plus a complimentary 12-month Internet update subscription (a $250 retail value).

Quest chairs and loveseats have been designed specifically to withstand the motion forces and vibrations created by D-BOX’s proprietary motion simulation system. They feature double-wall arm assemblies fabricated from 13-ply European hardwood ply with hardwood solids as reinforcing cross-members. Every seating component is carefully fabricated utilizing precision machinery and hand-assembled to provide customers with seating that will give them many years of comfort, convenience and an exhilarating viewing experience.

MSRP of the Quest Series 100 Integrated Motion Simulation Loveseat begins at $8,300 for a l loveseat covered in NuSuede, to $10,700 for a loveseat covered in leather. MSRP of the PC-based PC3 Motion Controller Interface (MCI) and Windows software is $1,000. MSRP of the Series 3 340c Kinetron Controller with built-in 40GB hard drive is $3,200. MSRP of 12-month F/X Motion Code subscription renewals is $250-$500, depending on the delivery method (Internet or DVD-ROM).

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