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Harman Specialty Group Restructures Operations

The company has shuffled many of its outlets to better utilize its existing resources.

The Harman Specialty Group (HSG) has revealed that it will be restructuring its brands to, according to the company, better serve its customers’ needs and to leverage the depth of talent and resources that exist throughout Harman International. The transition will be carried out in deliberate phases throughout 2008 and will involve nearly all aspects of HSG’s business.

In Northridge, California, Harman’s research and development center will grow to embrace both electronics and acoustics. Under the plan, HSG will help guide the centers focus, including its scope and subjects for research, the development of key technologies, and the choice of strategic partnerships and alliances.

The order administration and technical support functions will move to Woodbury, New York, along with Marketing, Finance, and other support functions. Once all phases have been completed it will result in the closure of the Bedford and Billerica facilities.

The leadership and management of the brands will continue as they are today. John Batliner will continue to lead HSG and oversee all aspects of the brands, guiding HSG through this transition. Overall channel management and sales will remain in Massachusetts led by industry veterans including Walter Schofield, Hank Finke, Ed Stadlen and Patrick Gaffney, with Andy Baker continuing management of Europe, the Middle East and Africa from his UK office. Kevin Voecks will continue his leadership role at Revel.