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Harman Luxury Audio Products Added to madVR Labs Certified for Envy Program

Includes AVRs and processors from JBL Synthesis and ARCAM.

madVR and Harman Luxury Audio Group

madVR Labs has expanded its Certified for Envy program by adding Harman Luxury Audio with its flagship JBL Synthesis and ARCAM brand AVRs and AV processors. The JBL Synthesis SDP-75 has been awarded Platinum Certification, with the JBL Synthesis SDP-58 and SDR-38, as well as the ARCAM AV41, AVR31, AVR21, and AVR11, achieving Gold Certification. This certification reinforces the program’s commitment to endorsing products that meet the highest quality standards for video excellence.

This addition underscores the ongoing success of the Certified for Envy program, which launched recently and already includes industry leaders such as Trinnov Audio, StormAudio, and Acurus under the program’s AVR/AVP category.

The program category ensures that audio/video products are scrutinized against stringent quality standards set by madVR Labs, delivering lossless, artifact-free video quality and compatibility with the madVR Envy Extreme and Envy Pro video processors, while also delivering a pure video experience even when used independently of an Envy processor. Consumers and dealers can rest assured that products bearing the Certified for Envy badge are synonymous with video excellence.

“Welcoming globally recognized brands JBL Synthesis and ARCAM to our Certified for Envy program marks a significant advancement in our pursuit of video perfection,” says Richard Litofsky, co-founder and CEO of madVR Labs. “The certification of these two product lines underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of video excellence. We remain steadfast in our mission to purify the audiovisual experience, ensuring that our esteemed customers receive unparalleled video quality for their luxury home theaters and media rooms.”

“Attaining the Gold Certified rating from madVR Labs’ prestigious Certified for Envy program is a significant acknowledgment for our focus on delivering exceptional quality products,” says Jim Garrett, senior director, product strategy and planning, Harman Luxury Audio. “We are thrilled to be part of a program that shares our dedication to delivering the highest quality audio and video experiences. We are confident that this collaboration will enhance the user experience by ensuring unmatched quality and performance.”

Certified for Envy products are rigorously tested and confirmed for their stable HDMI handling, compatibility with madVR Envy video processors, and the ability to flawlessly pass-through all standard source device pixel formats, bit depths, resolutions, and frame rates. Each certified product in the AVR/AVP category undergoes over 1100 meticulous tests to secure certification.

To showcase the exceptional quality of these certified products when used together, the madVR Envy Extreme will power the video processing at the Harman Luxury demo theater at booth 2H100 during the ISE 2024 exhibition in Barcelona, from January 30 to February 2, 2024. With the JBL Synthesis SDP-58 and SDR-38 powering the audio processing, this showcase is set to offer an unforgettable audio/visual experience.

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