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Coming Soon: The madVR Labs Experience Center – Midwest, by Ascend

Will provide an opportunity to engage with a diverse selection of high-end brands in the same theater.

madVR Labs and Ascend AV have announced the forthcoming madVR Labs Experience Center – Midwest, by Ascend. This center will provide an opportunity to engage with a diverse selection of high-end brands in the same theater — a concept that stands out in today’s market.

madVR Labs Experience Center - Midwest, by Ascend - Back

Operated by Ascend AV, with marketing, promotional activities, and industry leadership in video processing spearheaded by madVR Labs, the center is conveniently located in Olathe, Kans. Its central position within the United States ensures easy access for all. Designed with manufacturers, audiophiles, videophiles, and tech enthusiasts in mind, this venue is set to redefine the standards of showcasing and integrating leading audiovisual technologies all housed in one theater.

Visitors can anticipate interacting with a meticulously selected and calibrated range of products from esteemed audiovisual companies, known for their exceptional quality and performance. This hands-on approach allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intricate synergies between different technologies, and how these brands can be combined to deliver the ultimate home theater and media room solutions.

madVR Labs Experience Center - Midwest, by Ascend - Front

At launch, the center will feature an impressive lineup of brands and equipment, including:

  • madVR Envy Extreme MK2: Celebrated for its superior HDR tone mapping, MotionAI, and best-in-class video processing for exceptional video quality and immersion.
  • Ascendo: Showcasing an impressive array of speakers and subwoofers, including 3x Black Swans for LCR, 14x BE Pro Passive, 8x 21 Sub Passive, 2x 32-inch Infra Sub, and a 50-inch Infra Sub.
  • Christie Digital Griffyn 4K35-RGB projector: Offering exceptional visual clarity, detail, and brightness.
  • Kaleidescape: Featuring the Strato C and Terra Prime 48 for movie playback experience.
  • Officina Acustica: Providing room design, construction, and acoustic treatment engineering and expertise.
  • StormAudio Elite ISP MK3 32: Offering 24-channel decoding and up-mixing with 32-channel amplification, exclusively with cutting-edge Dirac Live Active Room Treatment.
  • SurgeX: Experts in power protection and management solutions.
  • Trinnov Audio: Altitude32 processing and Amplitude16 amplification, showcasing Trinnov’s Optimizer and revolutionary new WaveForming technology.
  • Seymour Screen Excellence: Featuring a 170-inch acoustically transparent screen for a lifelike viewing experience.

Additional manufacturers and equipment announcements are forthcoming.

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