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Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting and Audio Showcased at the Pacific Design Center

Manufacturer teams up with AV Interiors’ new California showroom to demo Coastal Source products for southern California designers and dealers.

Coastal Source has announced the opening of a new showroom collaboration with local dealer AV Interiors at the Pacific Design Center (PDC). In doing so, Coastal Source became the first dedicated outdoor lighting and audio solutions provider to have a presence at the epicenter of southern California interior and outdoor design.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Costal Source Contour
Costal Source Contour

According to Coastal Source president Jeff Poggi, working with AV Interiors to launch the first dedicated outdoor lighting and audio showcase at the PDC provides new opportunities for West Coast dealers and customers to experience how Coastal Source’s systems go above and beyond conventional lighting and audio solutions to deliver unrivaled outdoor lighting and audio experiences that can stand up to every challenge presented by Mother Nature.

“Coastal Source has always known that seeing is believing, and there’s no better place to demonstrate our rugged, high performance designs and product capabilities than the Pacific Design Center,” Poggi says. “As a premium brand delivering best-in-class performance and aesthetics in any outdoor environment from sandy beachfront homes to snowy mountain retreats, we have long invested in demonstration solutions to provide customers, designers, and integrators with hands-on experiences. We’re excited to have AV Interiors bring outdoor lighting and audio solutions to the Pacific Design Center and give local homeowners and professionals the chance to experience the Coastal Source difference for themselves.”

The AV Interiors “Studio 66 showroom” located in PDC Suite 66 is a luxurious space that demonstrates high-end home technologies and furnishings with a focus on audio, video, lighting, and smart home control, including a $1 million custom home theater. The Coastal Source experience is located at the front of the showroom, ensuring every visitor gets to see a variety of lighting and audio solutions. An accompanying video display presents Coastal Source products and examples of amazing outdoor living scapes to inspire your imagination.

“As we endeavor to show clients and interested parties how we can make their home technology dreams come true and extend entertainment beyond traditional boundaries into the outdoors, our new Studio 66 showroom at the Pacific Design Center will be an increasingly important tool,” says Eric Eidelman, AV Interiors Owner. “Coastal Source stands alone as the go-to choice for professional-grade outdoor lighting and audio that performs flawlessly under any conditions or circumstances, all while presenting premium finishes and designs that complement landscapes even when not in use. With lighting and audio being key to our installations and designs, it’s vital that we deliver the same quality and enjoyment in outdoor spaces as we do indoors.”

The Studio 66 showroom is now open for appointments.

For more information about Coastal Source, AV Interiors, or to schedule a Studio 66 tour, contact Eric Eidelman at 310-657-0104 or Morgan Harman at 856-600-4820.

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