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Outdoor Week: Outdoor Ecosystem Tech Showcase

Some of the technology that can make the great outdoors even greater.

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What started as a pandemic-fueled fad has become a key part of the custom installation world — outdoor technology. Servicing the outdoors used to mean a few landscape speakers, but now outdoor technology has evolved to include a slew of product categories. Here we take a look at a few examples of products that make up the ecosystem — including landscape lighting, outdoor shades and televisions, and, naturally, speakers and subwoofers.

WAC Lighting/AiSPiRE Colorscaping Outdoor Lighting

WAC Lighting’s Colorscaping smart landscape lighting and control system is a patent-pending line of exterior LED luminaires that is designed and engineered to illuminate landscapes with tunable white light and an unlimited color palette. Outdoor lighting set at the correct color temperature can convert a nice property into a gorgeous landscape that impresses guests and wows neighbors. Utilizing state-of-the-art RGBWW technology, Colorscaping will make your landscape pop with pure white light ranging from warm 2700 to cool 6500 Kelvin.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – WAC/AiSPiRE

New and existing landscape fixtures are installed quickly using the Smart Transformer Control Panel, which connects fixtures directly for immediate testing while cycling through preset tunable white and primary colors at various intensity levels. Offered with 150-watt and 300-watt capacities, the smart transformer enables robust wiring, a shielded ethernet cable, and a surge protector against power surges and voltage spikes. The transformer eliminates any confusion in the field with a unique Discovery process — identifying each Colorscaping fixture and location so the luminaires can be added, changed, or paired with the appropriate transformer — with the push of a button. Integration with many major control platforms is an alternative to app-based control.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Origin Acoustic

Origin Acoustic Ambisonic Bollard Landscape Speakers

Origin Acoustics’ Ambisonic Bollard landscape speakers are a solution to the challenge of producing bass from individual outdoor speakers in an attractive design aesthetic that could withstand the elements. All Ambisonic Bollard landscape speakers now feature high-performance Ambisonic round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter technology for superior high-frequency reproduction and clarity with lower distortion at higher power levels. The Ambisonic Bollard landscape series comes in three sizes — Bollard 106 (large), Bollard 85 (medium), and Bollard 64 (small).

Outdoor Week: Achieving Outdoor Shade Success

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Draper FlexShade

Draper FlexShade Tension ZIP

The Draper FlexShade Tension ZIP controls harsh sun glare on existing pergolas, patio rooftops, and other angled windows to create a more comfortable outdoor living space. The ZIP feature captures the fabric’s edge, ensuring a more secure fabric retention system and improving light control. Tension cords in the side channels allow the device to be mounted at any angle, from horizontal to vertical. It is available in sizes up to 16 feet wide and up to a 20-foot draw, depending on width. It includes a standard RTS Radio Technology Somfy motor and models are available in six stylish and durable powder-coated finishes.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Russound

Russound Outdoor Speaker System

With Russound, integrators have several options to build an outdoor audio system. Integrating the Russound 5R82mk2 8-inch 2-way OutBack Rock Speaker, the 5R8SUB 8-inch front-firing OutBack Rock Subwoofer, and the new D-1290 multi-channel amplifier, homeowners are introduced to an outdoor entertainment experience optimized to deliver superior audio performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Rock Speakers mimic natural rock formations and come in gray granite, sandstone, and weathered granite finishes. They feature waterproof enclosures tested for environmental durability. Complementing the Rock Speakers, the 5R8SUB Subwoofers are designed to enhance bass in any outdoor setting. Encased in rugged, all-weather fiberglass housing, these front-firing subwoofers extend down to 40 Hz when optimized with recommended DSP settings. Alternatively, users can customize settings to their preferences. The new D-1290 multi-channel amplifier provides 12 channels of power, ideal for expanding audio systems into additional zones or boosting output in outdoor areas requiring higher volume levels. With configurable audio filters and multiple turn-on modes, this amplifier offers flexibility and seamless integration for any outdoor audio system configuration.

Theory Audio Design sb25aw All-Weather Speaker

Theory Audio Design sb25aw All-Weather Speaker

Theory Audio Design’s sb25aw is a 4-ohm or 70V/100V version of the company’s sb25 surface-mount loudspeaker. The all-aluminum and stainless steel sb25aw is fully weatherized and offers mounting options to meet every possible installation need, including porches, patios, pool decks, backyards, restaurants, bars, hotels, houses of worship, marine, and anywhere high-resolution, high-fidelity background or foreground sound is needed.

The sb25aw incorporates a durable perforated stainless-steel grille, water-tight loudspeaker wire entry point, and selectable hi-z or low-z operating modes. Its slender enclosure, premium finish, and gentle sculpted curves allow it to virtually disappear into the architectural background while looking surprisingly handsome in environments where it’s easily seen — stealth and pretty at the same time.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Costal Source Contour

Coastal Source Contour

Coastal Source’s Contour is an entry-point outdoor speaker with a sleek low-profile design that is equally at home in the landscape as on a hardscape. The new low-profile Contour speaker has flexible mounting configurations. It can go almost anywhere a homeowner can imagine enjoying their music, in the landscape, in a corner of a patio, or mounted on a deck, wall, or ceiling. Contour is built to be part of a complete patented Coastal Source Plug+Play system or can be integrated into existing systems.

Superior sound quality flows from the rigid, solid, composite one-piece enclosure designed and engineered to defy the elements; a custom driver with a 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch mid-bass woofer; high-quality component crossover; and a specially designed fractal waveguide that acts as the tweeter bridge for improved efficiency outdoors.

Outdoor Week: Skater Park Sound and Light

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – SunBriteTV

SunBrite TV Veranda 3 Series 75-inch TV

The SunBriteTV Veranda 3 Series is designed for full-shade outdoor areas. Offering 4K resolution and an ultra-bright 1000-nit peak brightness direct-lit screen, the Veranda 3 Series is engineered to withstand the harshest climates, from high desert to freezing temperatures, rain, and snow. With built-in Smart TV, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, and weatherproof voice remote, the Veranda 3 Series delivers a true cinematic experience, now on an even larger screen. The 75-inch model is now available for $4998.95. The Veranda 3 Series also includes 55- and 65-inch models to provide options for any outdoor space.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Klipsch

Klipsch RSM and PSM Outdoor Speaker Lines

Klipsch has re-engineered its all-weather surface mount speakers with the all-new Residential Surface Mount and Professional Surface Mount lines. The new RSM and PSM lines deliver vastly improved sound performance and dispersion thanks in part to Klipsch’s new Tractrix Hyperfold Port and new compression driver innovations, plus better durability for outdoor performance now with an IPX6 rating. The PSM series offers convenient multi-tap transformers for 70-volt or 100-volt audio systems with a bypass mode that allows regular 8-ohm operation for installations that do not require a transformer. The RSM and PSM lines also feature a sleek new look with a smaller footprint than previous generations. They are offered in black and white finishes (with paintable grilles), making these ultra-durable speakers perfectly suitable for a wide range of installations without sacrificing sound quality, indoors or out.

SoundTube XT850-Sub Outdoor Subwoofer

SoundTube XT850-Sub Outdoor Subwoofer

The SoundTube Entertainment XT850-Sub is an 8-inch outdoor subwoofer that uses non-traditional 70/100v technology to improve subwoofer performance. The XT850-Sub features SuperT transformerless technology, which delivers impactful full-range bass without the losses in low-end frequency performance due to traditional 70.7/100-volt subwoofer transformer behavior. This means that users can enjoy deep, powerful bass to 30 Hz with peak output of 112 dB even in constant voltage applications without compromising on quality. The XT850-Sub also features a sealed, in-ground enclosure design that is IP55 rated, offering protection against dust and water. The XT850-Sub includes theft-resistant mounting hardware.

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Samsung The Terrace

Samsung Terrace 85-inch Television

Samsung’s 85-inch Class Terrace Full Sun is the company’s biggest outdoor TV yet. This model delivers outdoor-optimized picture quality, with a Neo QLED 4K screen that can stay bright even on the sunniest days, thanks to Direct-Sun Protection, as well as a new IP56 rating for durability. The new model features an improved Neo QLED panel that allows you to experience 4K clarity with 100 percent Color Volume for a billion shades of brilliant color that won’t wash out in extreme brightness. With Direct-Sun Protection, you can watch TV even in direct sunlight. Plus, it sports an improved IP56 rating that assures protection from water and dust, so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment year-round. The Terrace is complete with a Wide Viewing Angle and Anti-Glare screen that make it easy to watch what you love with nearly no reflections or distractions.

The 85-inch Class Terrace effectively reduces onscreen motion blur. Equipped with the Quantum Processor 4K, the TV can automatically upscale content into 4K, reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and offer crisp definition regardless of the input source, in addition to HDR10+ and support for multiple simultaneous video feeds.

Outdoor Week: Made For the Shade…and Sun

Outdoor Technology Ecosystem – Skyworth USA Clarus S1

Skyworth USA Clarus S1 Outdoor Google TV

The Skyworth USA “Full Sun” Clarus S1 outdoor Google TV comes with an eight-speaker, 100-watt audio system and sturdy mount. Clarus is available in the U.S. and Canada through select custom integrators in two screen sizes: a 65-inch (USD $4999) and a 75-inch (USD $6999). With its brightness of 3000 nits, the Clarus picture remains clear even under direct sunlight. The Clarus S1 is ideal for outdoor gaming or sports while poolside, deck-lounging, or just relaxing by a patio fire in the evening.

The Clarus S1 has a variety of built-in protection and durability features to withstand the demands of being outside for prolonged periods, including a tough, all-metal body and an extremely high tolerance for extreme temperatures. The dustproof and waterproof enclosure boasts an IP66 rating. The set is also impact-resistant for total durability and longevity.

CEDIA Best of Show 2023 - Furrion Aurora Sun 4K UHD LED Outdoor Smart TV

Furrion Aurora Sun 4K UHD LED Outdoor Smart TV with HDR10

The Furrion Aurora Sun 4K UHD LED outdoor smart TV is uniquely designed for the ultimate outside entertainment experience, featuring a weatherproof TV housing that protects the internal components and delivers IP54-rated protection. The screen delivers a stunningly clear picture at 1500-nit brightness and features HDR10 for a deep, rich contrast. It also features an XtremeShield IK08-rated impact-resistant screen to protect against scratches and collisions and is rated to withstand extreme operating temperatures from –24 to 122 degrees F (–31 to 50 degrees C), non-operating temperatures of –27 to 140 degrees F (–32 to 60 degrees C), and storage humidity of 10 to 90 percent.

Nexus 21 DL-65s Extra Weight Capacity Lift

Nexus 21 DL-65 Series Pop-Up Swivel Mount for Extra Heavy TVs

Certainly, TVs are getting slimmer and lighter, but there are still plenty of applications that require a heavy-duty lift to carry beefier models. Outdoor entertainment areas where TVs need to pop-up from inside a cabinet often require a lift with enough power to move weighty enclosure tops and TV/soundbar combos. For this reason, Nexus 21 developed its DL-65 Series, a complete line of motorized pop-up lifts for use in covered outdoor settings.

The newest member of the DL-65 Series, the DL-65x, combines the same powerful dual motors, quiet lift technology, and installation ease as earlier models, with the addition of a newly developed extra-weight swivel mechanism. This feature, which mechanically swivels a display to a preferred position, increases the weight capacity from 45kg (100 lbs.) to 79kg (175 lbs.) and is able to extend up to 97.7 cm (38.5 inches). The inclusion of actuator technology ensures no visible tracks or gears in the extended position.

Other models in the new DL extra-weight, pop-up series include the DL-65en and DL-65ens, which are designed for the inclusion of custom cabinetry to cover the back and sides of the TV. The DL-65en elevates a TV but with no swiveling action; the DL-65ens elevates a TV and swivels it manually.