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Humaxs $229 HDTV Tuner Now Available

Humax's ATSC Digital TV Tuner is now available at a number of current retail and online partners.

Irvine, CA–Humax USA’ HFA100 ATSC Digital TV Tuner is now available for purchase at a number of current retail and online partners.

Priced at $229 MSRP, the HFA100 enables consumers with high definition-ready TVs to access all free terrestrial HDTV programs broadcasted by the TV networks in their area.

Humax spokesman, Paul Muto, stated that in keeping with the companys “Easy-Digital” charter, the HFA100 is the first of its kind to alleviate the complexity once associated with using similar type products. Incorporated are an intuitive on-screen set-up guide; seven-day electronic program guide (EPG); automatic channel scan that identifies and assigns all available HDTV channels into the units memory; direct channel access and aspect ratio and parental lock out controls.

The unit is compatible with the many different Advanced Television Standards Committee (ATSC) digital TV formats and, in order to match the native resolution of the display device used, offers selectable output resolution including 1080i, 720p and 480p. A Dolby Digital optical output ensures easy connection to surround-sound amplifiers and processors. Equipped with Component Video, RGB and HDMI with HDCP outputs, the unit is compatible with most HD-ready monitors and display devices, regardless of brand.

Humax USA strategic marketing and business development VP Tony Goncalves said, “While several million homes across America have HD-ready television sets, until now many have had to settle for the minute amount of HDTV programming offered by their pay-TV operators. The HFA100 is a viable, economical alternative for these households to now enjoy the stunning visual and sonic clarity of the many HDTV programs being broadcast in their area–and with no monthly fees.”

Goncalves added, “The HFA100 also marks the next step in Humaxs winning line-up of digital television devices for the consumer and perfectly illustrates our companys mission to continue to bring to market innovative, easy-to-use and affordably priced products that consumers want to purchase
and retailers want to sell–all of which further reinforce Humaxs position as a value-added brand in the consumer electronics sector.”

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