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iminate Features Gun Fire Detection, Real-Life Safety Solutions

iminate Features Gun Fire Detection, Real-Life Safety Solutions

AVidea Group (AViG) describes real-life applications for iminate products, including the Detector, the industry’s first gunfire detector, the Sensor, the Keypad, the Relay, and the Dimmer. 

The Detector uses passive infrared to sense occupancy and motion and is also a glass break and gunfire detector. When one of these events is detected, the user is immediately alerted with the room location through the app, email, or text message. In today’s world this can be a life-saving feature, quickly alerting authorities to the occurrence and the location of potentially harmful events allows early responders to avoid much of the confusion that accompanies these kinds of tragedies.

Monitoring rooms up to 9000 cubic feet, the Detector can be placed in every room of an office, a school, a university, or even a household. The Detector measures less than two inches across and the triangular shape means it virtually disappears when mounted in a ceiling corner. The patent-pending magnetic bracket makes installation simple and the Detector offers flexible power options, including wired 5-12 VDC or an optional battery pack for truly wireless installation.

The GDA (Garage Door Anywhere) Kit includes the Sensor, the Keypad, and the Relay. The Sensor senses the garage door position, whether it’s fully open, closed, or slightly open (to let a pet have access, for example), and sends the status to the iminate app. Or, see the status on a Keypad or 5 Button (i.e. red button means the door is open; green button means the door is closed; amber button means the door is partially open). By taking a quick glance at a Keypad within the house, users are aware of the status of their garage door. In addition, the door can be controlled from the Keypad, the iminate app on a phone, or the browser-based iminate Dashboard.

Using a Detector with a Dimmer, users will never walk into a dark room again. The Detector will detect someone entering a room and send tell the Dimmer to turn on the lights. With iminate, users put the Detector where is will be the most effective—on the ceiling directly over your desk for example. The user will never have to wave their arms at the occupancy detector again. 

The Detector, the Sensor, the Keypad, the Relay, and the Dimmer, along with the entire iminate product suite, can be controlled from anywhere in the world through the iminate app on a smartphone or the browser-based iminate dashboard. The dashboard provides monitoring and control of multiple systems simultaneously. With iminate, devices on different networks can be combined into single systems for consolidated control. It’s now easy for hotel, Airbnb and apartment managers to monitor energy consumption, open doors and windows, or unusual activity in their properties. Through these apps, users can modify AC settings, turn off lights and appliances in empty rooms, and close garage doors.