iPoint Introduces iPoint Offline

New Version of Sync Mode Improves In-the-Field Business Management
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iPoint has added iPoint Offline as part of its flagship business automation tool, iPoint Control. Designed as a comprehensive platform to help integrators increase profitability and reduce business management chaos, iPoint has taken the benefits of the platform further and introduced real-time sync capabilities. iPoint Offline is the new and improved version of the program’s original sync mode.

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“When we surveyed our community, the largest concern we found was a lack of system access and speed when technicians encountered poor internet coverage,” said Brooks Swift, iPoint founder and CEO. "Based on this valuable feedback, the iPoint team redesigned the user experience for field access, including a redesigned iPhone interface that ensures users can navigate the platform more quickly and efficiently."

The fast, efficient sync engine allows technicians to choose when to work offline. Unlike former versions, which required manual setup, the new engine allows integrators to easily jump between live file access and offline anytime. This means that when technicians are out in the field, internet speed can no longer prevent them from documenting what happened on the job or dictate when a router needs to be installed, eliminating frustration and further streamlining processes.

In addition to faster processing, iPoint Offline introduces a redesigned user experience for iPhone users. By changing the screen layout from desktop to line view, users can quickly and easily navigate the full platform from their iPhone.