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Stewart Filmscreen Introduces Harmony G3 Woven Screen Material

Can reach a height of 15 feet — more than 5 feet taller than the previous Harmony material.

Stewart Filmscreen has announced the release of Harmony G3, an acoustically transparent screen material designed to elevate audio and visual experiences to new heights. Harmony G3 improves upon the acoustic transparency of Harmony G2 with higher measurable output across frequencies up to 15 kHz, with speakers placed as close to 1 inch from the back of the screen, and it is available up to 15 feet tall.

Harmony G3 looms large over its predecessor by hitting a height of 15 feet — more than 5 feet taller than the previous Harmony material. Acoustically, Harmony G3 offers an openness in the upper frequencies, ensuring that speakers placed behind the screen deliver an authentic audio experience across all frequencies, creating a more immersive and true-to-life audio experience.

Stewart Filmscreen Harmony G3

Adrian Silva, VP of sales at Stewart Filmscreen, expressed the company’s commitment to meeting market demands: “At Stewart, we are continuously looking to improve our product offerings. Our improvements to Harmony G3 align with market demands in three critical areas: size, reduced influence on the audio signal, and visual impact. This new Harmony G3 allows us to expand the reach of where this exceptional acoustically transparent material can be applied residentially or commercially.”

The Harmony G3’s color-neutral surface reproduces true, balanced color with no “blue bump” and supports rec. 2020 calibrations. This ensures that Harmony G3 meets the highest standards of visual excellence, in line with Stewart’s commitment to producing reference-quality projection screen materials.

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