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Jetbuilt Rolls Out Stock Warehousing Module at CEDIA Expo

With Stock, AV integrators can monitor where a piece of equipment is at any given stage from purchasing to installation.

Jetbuilt has announced the release of Stock, an inventory and warehouse tracking tool for AV integrators. Listening to the needs of their users, Stock was designed to work seamlessly with Jetbuilt to efficiently organize and follow equipment through the stages of design, purchasing, receiving, warehousing, transporting, installation and service — solving a notable point of frustration felt by many in the industry. Jetbuilt will showcase Stock at CEDIA Expo 2021.

Jetbuilt Stock

Designers can populate their projects with the awareness of common items that are currently in stock, setting the stage for less friction when the job sells. During purchasing, the team has the options to pull from existing stock or order additional stock for future projects. When received, Stock tells the receiver which items are for a job and which are to be warehoused.

After a job is sold within Jetbuilt, purchase orders are created from the populated equipment. As items are delivered to the warehouse, the team receives those items into Stock, allocating them to the project. QR codes are generated to track the items, along with their serial numbers, to the warehouse racks. As technicians transport items to the job site, Stock tracks them to the truck, then a project storage location, and ultimately to the final installed location. Lost or misplaced items become a thing of the past.

Stock works with Jetbuilt’s existing Asset tracking functionality. A quick scan of any item in a project will show a support technician all the information they need to know about when the item was installed, the serial, warranty, and IP/Login information. End users can also scan items with their phone, which will present minimal information, along with support contact information of the installing integrator.

As a former commercial AV integrator, Paul Dexter understands the difficulties associated with tracking inventory. “Warehousing items that you are storing for open jobs alongside items you are stocking for future projects is a common point of frustration,” he says. “Integrators are always trying to find the most efficient solution. With Jetbuilt and Stock, we can ease this pain while helping them maximize their revenue through smarter purchasing and reduced loss of inventory.”

Visit Jetbuilt at booth #5049 at CEDIA Expo 2021.

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