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Joe Kane Releases HDTV Set-Up Disc

HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc versions to be released on October 30, 2007.

Fairfield, NJ–The DVD Acquisition and Development Group Inc., the parent company of DVD International (DVDI), is releasing Joe Kane Productions Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics on HD DVD and Blu-ray disc. Designed to benefit HDTV novices and aficionados alike, HD Basics has been created by Joe Kane, an HD expert, designer, and consultant.

The disc provides easy-to-use calibration tests and setup instructions for getting the most out of an HDTV set and offers background information on todays high-definition systems. HD Basics is the successor to Video Essentials and Digital Video Essentials. The HD DVD and Blu-ray versions of HD Basics will be available starting October 30, 2007, and will each retail for $29.95.

The HD Basics Setting Up My HDTV section includes six essential calibration test patterns that can dramatically improve a high-definition image after only a few minutes of use. Simple audio instructions allow the user to follow along until the optimal settings are achieved.

The Advanced Video Test Patterns section includes many of the test patterns found in the Professional version of DVE while other parts of the program contain a trove of background materials on how HDTV works. Also new to the DVE line of programs, youll find an audio commentary track recorded by Kane, describing what to look for in the demonstration materials, and Allen Daviau, (cinematographer for E.T., Empire of the Sun, and more), on color grading film for high definition presentation.

DVE: HD Basics includes a tri-color filter for use with the included test patterns, and will retail for $29.95. For a limited time, registered owners of the HD DVD of DVE will be offered a special upgrade price on DVE HD Basics. Due, in part, to the advanced menu features, HD Basics does not contain a standard definition side. For more upgrade and pricing information, consumers may visit