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KORG, Artist Connection, and AURO-3D to Livestream Uncompressed Immersive Audio and 1080p High-Resolution Video From Japan

Using its Live Extreme Encoder, KORG will stream a live concert in AURO-3D 9.1 immersive audio and full 1080p high-resolution video on Feb. 28, 2024.

Musical instrument manufacturer KORG will stream a live concert from Japan to Los Angeles in a revolutionary streaming demo for the press and other key partners at 6:00 PM PST on February 28, 2024, at Deluxe Hollywood, Stage 5, 900 Seward Street in Los Angeles. The first-of-its-kind demonstration will show how a live concert can be streamed with uncompressed audio and full 1080p video resolution via a complete end-to-end streaming ecosystem that includes KORG, AURO-3D, and the Artist Connection streaming platform.

Auro 3D - KORG - Hall of Halls

The Performance

Organized by KORG with support from media company and TV broadcaster WOWOW, distributor Syntax Japan, and Genelec Japan, the concert will be held at the Hall of Halls, Kiyosato Moeginomura Museum (Yamanashi, Japan). This live one-hour performance called, “The Sound of the Previous Century Into the Future,” will feature a marimba performance by Tatsushi Omori and Yoko Kamihara, performed with and accompanied by the early 20th century instruments such as the Chickering Ampico Grand Player Piano (the last unit in the world still maintained and playable) and the “Limonaire 1900” organ (from the Paris World Exposition in 1900).

The Technology Behind the Stream

The demonstration centers around KORG’s Live Extreme. This no-compromise encoding technology eliminates the need for compression and workarounds to deliver a bit-for-bit experience of any audio/video source, allowing audiences to hear every nuance of a performance. Live Extreme will use AURO-3D’s Auro-Codec real-time encoder to stream multi-channel 24-bit/96 kHz AURO-3D immersive audio. Lossless audio will be paired with high-definition, H.264 1080p 15 Mbps streaming video for a stunning image at the Los Angeles Deluxe Hollywood live viewing location.

The concert will also be streamed free to the public on the Artist Connection platform, which delivers premium streams that marry immersive audio and high-res video. Artist Connection has native support for both the KORG Live Extreme Encoder and a built-in AURO-3D decoder. Public access will be limited to the first 100 viewers who register. To watch the event live, users can visit

“KORG, Artist Connection, and AURO-3D work seamlessly to enable bit-for-bit streaming of both audio and video,” says Koji Oishi, director of KORG. “This level of quality in a live streaming application simply isn’t possible without our encoding capabilities, Artist Connection’s platform delivering the content to the end user in premium stream quality, and AURO’s unmatched immersive audio capabilities. All three show that it’s possible to deliver pristine sonic experiences with HD video using bandwidths that are available today.”

“Technological limitations have thwarted the ability to stream immersive audio and high-res video in one stream,” says AURO-3D CEO Rudy Van Duppen. “Now, thanks to our partnerships with like-minded technological innovators Artist Connection and KORG Live Extreme, we can stream, in real-time, true H.264 1080p video married to uncompromised, lossless 24-bit/96 kHz AURO-3D immersive audio over the same public internet that the other music distribution services use to deliver lesser quality streams. We can’t wait to see the reaction from press and partners when they hear and see this steam live.”

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